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07/01/2007 Archived Entry: "Comic review: Feeble Attempts"

Feeble Attempts
By Jeffrey Brown
Top Shelf Productions

Review by Tom Good

This collection contains a funny scene about a 3:00am showing of Star Wars: Episode III. Jeffrey Brown sits in the audience, fueled by massive amounts of coffee and by the inflated expectations of a fan: "We've been waiting 25 years for this!" With huge bags under his eyes and cheeks covered with stubble, he stares at the screen while Anakin Skywalker proclaims, "I love you, because love is loving my love for you -- with love!" Brown thinks, "Now I understand why he becomes Darth Vader." This bit reminded me of the movie Clerks, as did another scene about Brown's experience working in retail, called "My Conspiracy To Not Sell You The New 'Garden State' DVD."

Brown also pulls off a funny superhero parody featuring "Cycloctopus," a one-eyed hero with tentacles for arms. After foiling some bank robbers, Cycloctopus is about to help a struggling citizen open a jar, when he is attacked by the "Quantum Mechanic," who can control the laws of physics. The Cycloctopus uniform has an emblem drawn on the chest, much like the "S" on Superman's outfit, but in this case it is a picture of a tentacle. I like the absurdity of this detail: it explains nothing, and is redundant since the hero's actual tentacles are right next to it. It would be like giving Ben Grimm a shirt with a picture of a rock on it.

Brown is a reliable artist whose books I consistently enjoy. His easygoing, doodle-like style works well with his material, and this particular collection has a little bit of everything, from autobiographical slices of life to crazy parodies. At $5 it is a bargain.

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