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07/01/2007 Archived Entry: "Anime Expo 2007: July 1, 2007"

Here's day 1.

Oh, Lordy, it's July 1, 2007. So, after making my annual and expensive pilgrimage to the Sawdust Festival, I got to AX about 2, parked and hung out until the "Death Note 2" showing. I liked it; it gets a little weird at the end, but I'd gladly see it again. I'm told it's way different from the manga, so I won't spoil it for anyone. Somehow I thought 141 minutes was an hour and 41 minutes (I've no idea why) and missed half of the Satoru Kannagi panel, so I got there for the end of the Q&A and the start of the raffle and then the question elimination contest for a dinner with Ms. Kannagi. They asked some hard questions, like: Name two subtitles in the "Only the Ring Finger Knows" novel series (you can look it up); what's Kannagi's favorite kanji (I'll give you this one, it's Rin); and so on. Kannagi herself said she couldn't answer all the questions. The contestants were people who'd asked a question during the Q&A, a nice lady won it, so she'll have a nice dinner with a nice lady and the wonderful DMP gang. Speaking of the DMP gang, they're not going to have a booth at Comic Con San Diego because Comic Con sold all the space to Nintendo and companies like that. I'm starting to wonder what CCSD is turning into. Here's my interview with Satoru Kannagi from June 28, 2007.

Not AX: Have been mulling over the villains in "Live Free or Die Hard," they are French, Asian, Geek, and a guy who looks like Omar Shariff with a hangover. I think this means something but I'm not sure what. And, yeah, I love John Wayne movies very much, so I love to see Amurikan brawn beat any brain any day any how, but that just ain't the world we live in anymore, alas. It's the 21st century, we're going to have to think our way out of our messes. Adapt or die, as they say. Good thing we're smart when we want to be.

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