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09/26/2007 Archived Entry: "Book Review: Hero"

By Perry Moore
Published by Hyperion

Review by Logan

One night while on vacation in Utah, I picked up Hero by Perry Moore and didn't put it down until I'd finished reading it. It wasn't that difficult, what with no TV, cell phone reception, or internet. What's a boy to do? (Besides *that*! Get your mind out of the gutters...)

Hero is about a young teenage kid, Thom, who discovers he has super powers. At the same time he is coming to grips with the fact that he's gay. Thom battles with coming out as a super hero to his father who hung up his own cape in shame years previous. His father disdains the super hero world almost as much as he detests homosexuals. To make matters worse, Thom's mom split the scene, leaving him with a homo-hating, superpower-hating dad. Thom struggles with his dual challenge of coming out as a super hero and as a gay teenager.

Perhaps the aspect I liked best was the lack of overt sexual acts in the story. Although Thom develops a crush on a boy from another school, the attraction is subtle and there are no saucy sex scenes. Gay novels often disappoint me because they rely too much on sex to sell the book. And often, the story, plot, and character development all suffer for the sake of a few poorly written and unsatisfying buggerings. Thankfully, Moore fully develops his myriad characters and pens a gripping story with interesting plots twists.

The one issue I couldn't overlook involved the ending. In the last battle scene Thom is left father-less and mother-less (yes she returns from the beyond in the last fight scene, only to be vaporized). Instead of Thom learning to be a self-sufficient super hero and young man, he transfers his dependence and his need for approval to his new boyfriend (also a super hero). At least he didn't get raped, murdered, stuffed in a refrigerator, or gay-bashed.

p.s. Perry Moore is way cuter in his other pics than the one the NYTimes ran.
Hey Perry: How *you* doin?! ;)

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