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11/03/2007 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Constellations in my Palm"

Constellations in my Palm
Story by Chisake Sakuragi
Art by Yukine Honami
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.

Review by Ginger Mayerson

This is a long manga with lots of lovely Ykine Honami art and a possibly too stately story by Chisake Salirago story. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been ruined by slam-bang yaoi manga, I can still enjoy something reasonably paced will lots of flashbacks, like this one has. However, if you want sex sex sex in the first ten pages, it might be good for you to read this one because there isn't sex sex sex until later on after everyones character, backstory, family history, educational credentials, and credit rating has been firmly established.

It is the story of two collage boys who were childhood pals and drifted apart and then, eventually, drift back together. A lot of subtle psychological stuff happens. This really must have been a bitch to draw. I salute Yukine Honami; she always gets the tough ones.

The art is cute, I like the way Honami draws cats. I liked the cat in this story and I liked her cat in "Rin!" The cats look alike, maybe they're cousins. Can you spot the Honami cat? (Answer below)

1. 2. 3.

And just to liven things up a little, the first person in the comments (who puts a valid email [that will not be published] on the form, please and thank you) who can tell me what hitherto unpublished in English mangas by what fabulous mangakas the other two kitties are from, will win a copy of this adorable mini-comic by Laura Park of which I happen to have an extra copy. (The winner will be contacted for their mailing address, so if you don't want me to have your mailing address, don't post the answer, please and thank you.) Other than the phone book, that mini-comic is the most G-rated thing around here.

I liked this manga, but by the end, I found myself was hoping the secondary characters -- Mizuho's school chum, who reminds me of Koichi from "Rin!" and Dr. Yoshimi, who's in love with Enji -- would fall in love. I got a little bored with the angst and flailing around by the main couple, so these two seemed like straight-forward likable, love-worthy bastions of sanity by the end of the book. And Honami has a funny way of making her secondary characters very memorable. Perhaps she finds nuances in the secondary characters where the book's author overlooked them by being too focused on the main characters and the plot. I'd like to ask Honami about that someday. I'd also like her to have more variation in her character design, but the sameness I'm bumping against might be limitations in the genre more than in her art. She does draw nice girls and older people, so maybe there is a sanctioned look for boys in Boys Love. If so, it's a damn shame Honami can't stretch out a little artistically because she draws lovely gels and mature folks. She has an extra story at the end of Stolen Heart (an Age of Enlightenment romp and another Juné title I hope to get to, um, soon) where there are two mid-20-ish men who switch back and forth between bottom and top where you can see how good her art can be when she gets a chance to do something other than doe-eyed dewy youths.

But Honami is always good and I did enjoy "Constellations in my Palm," my own personal interpersonal plot issues aside, this is a nice relaxing read with pretty boys, lovely girls and cute kitty-cats. Oh, and astronomy.


Oh, here's the answer to the first question about which kitty is the Honami kitty. It's number 3, and here it is all over the seme hero, Enji, of "Constellations..." like a cheap suit.

There's a cute visual joke on page 153 as to how much this kitty and the love interest Mizuho's sisters like this guy, too.

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