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12/08/2007 Archived Entry: "e-Book review: Cabin Fever"

Cabin Fever
By BA Tortuga
Published by Torquere Press

Review by Lynn Loper

I’d think that staying alive in the Rockies in a snowy winter would take more effort—effort at things besides sex, anyway—than the two characters in "Cabin Fever" put into it.

We have the mountain man character, Horace, big and hairy and muscular; we have the slight kid trying to find his way over the mountains, not realizing how fast winter will set in. (And in this book it sets in in five minutes flat. Since these characters would never approach each other unless they were snowed in, lay that snow down thick!).

Horace takes the kid, Walker, in. Within minutes, he’s lusting after Walker, and within a chapter or two, they’re into cock rings and bondage and I don’t know what all. Well, they did call it the wild west.

But they only mention gathering food twice. One rabbit is taken out of a trap, and this book runs from fall to spring. And nobody ever seems to cut firewood, or go down into the root cellar (yes, there has to be one; they keep making stew), or do anything much but get porny real fast. And constantly.

You will find every cliché about male/male lovemaking, every heavily-used ambiguous description, and not much else. Once Horace is established as the mountain man, what he says is completely unbelievable: sweet little endearments, mostly. And Walker never says much of anything.

I don’t ask for much. Characters that have a tiny bit of substance, maybe a story that makes some sense. I didn’t get either in "Cabin Fever."

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