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01/09/2008 Archived Entry: "Review: Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil"

The Monster Society of Evil

By Jeff Smith and Steve Hamaker
Published by DC Comics

Review by Logan

I had a tough time getting into this comic. It's mostly a relaunch of the Captain Marvel story. I found it a little weird that Billy Batson is a homeless kid who gets picked on by street thugs. And why the heck was this kid chosen to be the new host to Captain Marvel? The wizard never really explains his reasoning. And to make matters even more confusing, at the end of the first chapter, Billy climbs the Rock of Eternity (which is a no-no). When he passes through the Moment of Creation at the peak of the Rock, a whole new story starts.

Suddenly strange monoliths appear in the park. Animals become humanoid and attack the city. Billy's homeless buddy is suddenly a shapeshifter who takes the form of a tiger. Billy locates his previously unknown sister Mary, and accidentally gives her powers. And, of course, let me not forget to mention that the entire city's bug population ganging up to destroy humans. People: just because there's magic in a story, doesn't mean you don't have minimally attempt to explain the connection between story elements!

Overall this book left me more confused than engaged. I did like that they worked in Dr. Sivana nicknaming Captain Marvel "The Big Red Cheese." That was a nice nod to the old story and the Captain's original nickname. And, at least at the end they attempt to bring some of the original Billy Batson's origin back into play when they give the street urchin Billy a job at the news station.

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