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01/11/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Invisible Boy, volume 2"

Invisible Boy 2
By Hotaru Odagiri
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc

Review by Ryes

This volume is pretty long, like volume one, and has similar contents. Invisible Boy is not yaoi. I'm not even sure it's shounen-ai. At most it is just very very slashy. There were some changes in the characters that made no sense at all, but overall, the experience was like reading the first volume.

Invisible Boy is about a student council that has a special president. In volume one, Nagi has self-esteem issues. The president, Kitou, seems to have a special place in his heart for Nagi and goes to great lengths to make Nagi feel better about himself. In this second volume, someone is determined to ruin the president's good reputation and get him recalled from his position as president. Katakura from the journalism club is convinced that Kitou did nothing to help his friend Kei when Kei was facing expulsion. In his eyes, Kitou is an incompetent representitive of the student body.

In volume one, Nagi was an important character and in volume two, he's practically nonexistent. The opposite is true for Takamura, the vice president. Based on volume one, I would've thought that Nagi and Kitou were a potential couple. Suddenly, this volume makes it look like it's Takamura and Kitou. Very weird shift. I'm wondering if Hotaru Odagiri is planning to make later volumes be about Kitou and his relationship to each of the student council members.

Kitou is his perfect self from volume one, except we see a bit more of his childlike side. He can't cook so Takamura takes care of that for him. The characters of Kyosuke and Saiga seem different though. In volume one, Kyosuke was ready to criticize everything Kitou did. Not serious criticisms, but he liked to grumble about them. Then suddenly in volume two, he jumps to Kitou's defense when Kitou is accused of something really petty like hanging out with girls. The change is just really strange. The Kyosuke of volume one would've said something along the lines of Kitou deserves that, or he would've chewed him out about bringing Nagi into his business (Nagi is in the picture showing Kitou and a group of girls). Also, Saiga seems to have warmed up to Takaya considerably. In the first volume Saiga thought Takaya was a slacker. Suddenly he's doing Takaya's work for him and he's jealous of Takaya's many girlfriends?

Aside from the character issues, the rest of the book makes for a good reading. I'm glad Takamura has a larger role in this story. His character is very likeable and he's probably the only one who thinks reasonably in that whole group. This volume is typical Hotaru Odagiri stuff, without the kissings. It all-ages friendly and could pass for a shoujo manga really. There is a funny letter to the author from a reader who is a forty-some year old housewife. Nice to know that even older people follow light slash.

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