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01/11/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Cute Beast"

Cute Beast
By Amayo Tsuge
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc

Review by Ryes

Cute Beast is an anthology of cute short stories. Aside from the last one, all the rest have light action, mostly kissing and touching with some sweet moments. If you're looking for light reading, this anthology would be perfect for that.

The first story, "Cute Beast," is about Onizuka and Kisaki. Onizuka is a giant, and because he loses his glasses easily, he constantly runs into walls and it makes it seem like he's purposely head butting walls. He scares all the students but Kisaki got to know him better and learned to like him. This is a good beginning story and sets the tone for the rest of the book. The way Kisaki compares Onizuka to a large bear is also very endearing.

The second story, "The Prince's Commitment," is about Prince Half-Ass, who cannot carry on a lasting relationship. All his girlfriends break up with him shortly after asking him out and he doesn't know why. When a boy named Sakura asks him out, the same thing happens. But this time, he's determined to find out what drives everyone away and win Sakura back. The story is pretty straight-forward. It's obvious even to the reader why all his girlfriends break up with him.

"Ramune, First Love, and Summer Break" has a typical yaoi storyline. Aki and Nao are cousins and were very close as children. That changed when Nao got married. But Nao's young bride died shortly after and Aki tortures himself wondering why he's glad that Nao is single again.

"Alice Reunite" is also another typical yaoi story. Sumio finds a drunk lying in the streets and props him up for a while. Takagi, the drunk, remembers that moment, and later when they find out they go to the same school, Takagi pursues Sumio.

"I'm Serious Because It's Love" is about a horny teacher who has sex with male and female students alike. But he finally falls for a student named Misato, who misunderstands one of his meet-ups with another student and starts avoiding him.

All in all, the stories in Cute Beast follow typical plotlines. However, the art is clean and pleasant to look at, and the dialogue is smooth. This would be perfect for someone just getting into yaoi, as it has many of the common elements of the genre. It's also worth looking into if you like short stories that aren't too deep.

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