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02/01/2008 Archived Entry: "Novel review: Body Language"

Body Language
By Aki Morimoto
Illustrations by Tsubaki Enomoto
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc

Review by Ryes

Body Language is pure fluff, but it's sexy fluff! This is my first introduction to Tsubaki Enomoto's art, since I don't know of any manga written by her, and I'm impressed. Her style is clean and very attractive. I hope I see more from her.

Body Language is about two characters—I'm not kidding, just two, and not a single side character—named Kanae and Yuuichi. They're both extremely popular in their university but they couldn't be more different.

Kanae is what you would call a pretty boy. He's so pretty everyone else thinks he must have tons of girlfriends and boyfriends. The reason he is so famous is because of his "promiscuity." Unfortunately, that's not true and Kanae is actually a virgin.

Yuuichi is famous because he's a jerk. He's also very handsome so he's able to get strings of girlfriends. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much for him to lose interest and he never keeps a single girl around for long. Because he breaks up with every one of them and isn't polite about doing it, he's labeled as a jerk. In his case, the rumors are true.

Yuuichi ends up rescuing Kanae from his classmates one day and they've been friends ever since. After a while, Yuuichi starts complaining because he hasn't had a girlfriend for a while and he needs sex. Kanae, who's been secretly in love with Yuuichi ever since he rescued him, sees this as a chance to be intimate with Yuuichi. He tells Yuuichi that if it's sex Yuuichi is looking for, then Kanae is willing to offer up his body.

That's pretty much the plot. Along the way, Kanae experiences the predictable insecurities that come with dating a womanizer. This books is basically just sexual encounter after sexual encounter. But in between, you learn more about Kanae and Yuuichi. Yuuichi is the biggest misunderstood character between the two, despite the fact that everyone falsely believes Kanae is promiscuous. Yuuichi is honest, but doesn't understand how to cushion his statements so they come out making him sound like a jerk. In fact, everything he says is the truth. He doesn't bother telling white lies.

Aside from the jarring moments of unbelievable sexual acts—eight orgasms in a night and self-lubricated buttholes—Body Language is steamy and a quick read. It turns out to be very romantic in the end, and is sure to satisfy fans of yaoi. Aki Morimoto has a good grip on pacing and the prose is clean and deft. The translation is also very smooth and professional. Did I mention the artist is good? A worthy investment. Go buy.

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