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03/30/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Hot Steamy Glasses"

Hot Steamy Glasses
By Tatsumi Kaiya
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc

Review by Ryes

Hot Steamy Glasses was a frustrating read for at least the first half of the book. Part of it has to do with the two main characters who seem to be completely clueless, and part of it has to do with the plot, which is nothing special.

Takeo is successful and smart but he's fallen in love with the wrong type of person. Takeo is in love with his childhood friend Fumi. There are several things that indicate that this relationship would be next to impossible. So why won't it work out for two friends who've grown up together?

1) Takeo is an otaku and Fumi hates all otakus. The only reason he puts up with Takeo's otaku-ness is because Takeo usually tries to hide his otaku-ness from Fumi. There was a funny scene near the beginning when Takeo put all his otaku collectibles in one room with a locking door, but forgot to actually lock it. Fumi freaked out and left.

2) Fumi is straight. He's very adamant about his heterosexuality. He already has the perfect woman in mind to be his partner. I feel sorry for Fumi about this. He's pretty certain he's straight but everyone around him feels sorry for Takeo so they keep insisting that Fumi is actually a closeted gay. In fact, I really did believe he was straight for the first couple chapters. I kept expecting Takeo to realize that pursuing Fumi is useless and fall for Fumi's brother Shogo. At least Shogo wants Takeo to be happy and tries to help him snag his brother.

3) Takeo is a doormat and Fumi is insensitive. It's not a good combination. Takeo is willing to go to all lengths to please Fumi, but Fumi doesn't give a second thought to hurting Takeo's feelings.

But despite all that, they did get together eventually. After that the relationship was more realistic. Fumi worries that they haven't moved anywhere as a couple. They haven't even kissed yet. Their relationship now is no different from their relationship when they were just friends. Takeo's been in love with only one person all his life so Fumi worries that Takeo hasn't made a move because Takeo is a virgin.

There is a bonus short story at the end about two men who've been dating for a couple of months. Naomi feels insecure because Aki always forgets to call him and hasn't once said "I love you."

The art is clean but in the bonus story, both characters had the same hair style and the same hair color, so they looked identical when Naomi wasn't wearing his glasses. Other than the fact that the events are a bit improbable, Hot Steamy Glasses is a passable manga.

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