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04/16/2008 Archived Entry: "eBook review: Bite"

By Sean Michael
Published by Top Shelf, an imprint of Torquere Press Publishers, December 2007.

Review by Ida Vega-Landow

Now this one was way better than the e-book I reviewed before! (See "Billy and Bear" by Vic Winter) It's about a werewolf, a sexy young millionaire named Anton Lupi, with cool grey eyes and long, black hair, who hires a new chef to cook for his private parties. The chef, Greg Henderson, turns out to be a cool young dude with tattoos, a goatee, dark hair with bleached tips, and a diamond earring, who cooks like a dream. Being a bit of a gourmet myself, I found my mouth watering with each description of the food he cooks; hamburgers made from chopped roast beef, tiny individual cheesecakes topped with berry compote, wild game pate—I could go on and on about the food. But the only thing that interests Anton is meat; red meat, medium rare to almost raw, at least while he's in human form. Gee, imagine that, a werewolf who prefers eating meat.

It takes Greg a while to catch on that his new boss, who soon becomes his lover as well, is an animal in bed and out. The sex between them is also way hotter than it was in "Billy and Bear". There's nothing wholesome or Boy Next Door about Greg or Anton. It seems Greg is also into bondage and domination. He gets off on leather daddies who spank his pretty butt before fucking him. So he doesn't panic when Anton gets rough in bed. And he gets very rough. Be warned; some of the sex scenes in this book are extremely graphic and can be a real turnoff if you're not into BD. It's mostly biting that Anton is into, though, which along with his love of meat and the growls he emits when aroused or angry, and his restlessness at every full moon, should be a tip off to anybody who knows anything about werewolves. But our boy Greg has to see his lover turn into a wolf before he believes he's a werewolf. Cute, but not too bright, eh?

You have to give Greg credit for loyalty, though, as well as guts. Most people would freak out upon learning that their lover becomes a wolf at every full moon. But Greg, after some misgivings, decides that it's simply another aspect of Anton that he has to accept if he loves him. And he does, unconditionally. This makes Anton realize that he's found a real mate at last. Since wolves mate for life, this is a good thing for both Anton and Greg.

Unfortunately for them, someone else believes that it's a bad thing, someone in Anton's household who's got a secret yen for him and is prepared to go to any lengths to get rid of Greg. This includes vandalizing Greg's room with pig's blood like Carrie at the prom, and allowing a rival werewolf to invade Anton's home and leave his mark (exactly the way that dogs mark their territory—phew!). When the other werewolf succeeds in kidnapping Greg, Anton must risk both their lives in order to get him back.

The story ends happily, but with a cliffhanger involving a mutual friend who's also been kidnapped. So there's going to be a sequel to "Bite" later this year. Goody! I'm really looking forward to it. Part One may have grossed me out in some parts, but it definitely didn't bore me. Kudos to Sean Michael for an enjoyable, sexy romp that's no shaggy dog story.

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