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04/26/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: Love is Like a Hurricane vol. 2"

Love is Like a Hurricane vol. 2
Story and Art: Tokiya Shimazaki
Published by 801 Media, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-934129-08-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-934129-08-1

Review by Kris

To start the review by jumping straight into book number two would be a little strange, so I'll give a little recap of the first volume of "Love is Like a Hurricane." Mizuki is molested by some pervert on the train while he was travelling to school. When he turns around to confront his molester, it turns out to be the student body president, Azuma. Later on in the day, Mizuki is called to the student council office where he is basically sexually assaulted by Azuma once more. In Azuma's mind, however, this is how he shows Mizuki that he really loves him. We are also introduced to three other couples: Izumi and Akira (classmates of Azuma and Mizuki, Izumi and Akira also happen to be stepbrothers), Minato and Kazuomi, and Taiga and Yuki.

In "Love is Like a Hurricane 2" it is common knowledge to the student body that Azuma and Mizuki are an item. It also seems that their relationship is accepted by everyone as well. The only one who is unsure of the whole setup is Mizuki. He is really uncomfortable at how quickly this relationship is moving. Azuma is moving at warp speed! But love is not easy, even in the world of yaoi!

They meet the first hurdle when an old classmate of Mizuki's shows up out of nowhere. "Tiny," as he is called, announces in front of Azuma, as well as the rest of the student body, that they made a promise to one another a long time ago. Mizuki doesn't remember, but Azuma takes it to heart and feels the pangs of jealousy. This is the first time Mizuki realizes that he may actually have feelings for Azuma as well.

Summer vacation quickly approaches and Azuma wants to take a trip somewhere. He usually goes somewhere, but generally travels by himself. This time around he wants Mizuki to join him. Mizuki, as it is expected, is a little on the apprehensive side. He knows what awaits him if he goes. Azuma convinces him to go and they head to Azuma's private villa. Are Mizuki's fears going to come to pass?

Akira and Izumi have quite the connundrum on their hands. Not only are they lovers, but they're stepbrothers as well. While they are at home with other family members, they have to behave like proper brothers. Izumi tries to live as normally as possible, but when you are shagging your brother, that can cause trouble. Like when you aren't getting along. Izumi wants to ace his upcoming exams, but is constantly being fondled by Akira. So to deal with the stress he places a bet. The two lovers/brothers have to lay low until exams are over. Will they have the willpower that it takes, or will Izumi give in to his lustful desires?

I have really enjoyed the "Love is Like a Hurricane" series so far. It is quickly becoming a guilty pleasure! Tokiya Shimazaki-sensei definitely has the "cute" uke thing down. If you like mindless fluff with lots o' sex, then this is the series for you. Initially I thought the the whole stepbrother situation between Izumi and Akira was going to bother me, but it's not nearly as bad as I thought. I've read worse things (like twin brothers being sexually attracted to each other [which did actually bother me.]) I still have books three and four to read and book five hasn't even come out yet. I'm quite anxious to see what happens next.

I mention this every time but when you get manga from 801 Media you get what you pay for. At $15.95 a pop you get a book with a full color dust jacket, excellent translation, top quality printing, and the 801-chan four panel comic. I'm a broken record but 801 Media productions are worth the price you pay!

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