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05/06/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: Bond(z)"

Story and Art by Toko Kawai
Published by 801 Media, Inc.

ISBN-10: 1-934129-00-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-934129-00-5

Review by Linda Yau

When I first picked up this book a long while ago, I had to put it down because I felt too rushed to read it so knowing that I wouldnít enjoy it. I had to not read it until now. I had already read Affair by Shiuko Kano last year, so I was left with a favorable opinion by 801. Bond(z) is a collection of short stories. The blurb on the back cover is only the synopsis for the first story. I am apologizing in advance, if I give too much detail of the stories.

Bonds or [bond(z)] as it was called within the table of contents is about two friends, Tomo and Keita who slept with each other after a night of intoxication. The fact that they both had girlfriends, had them agreeing in the morning to take this act to their graves. However Tomo couldnít forget the night, so he approached Keita to explore this relationship once more. There are lots of heated kissing scenes in this one and the penis was decently drawn. Just as a warning, there is action of piercing body parts in this story.

Situation Ė I like this story a lot, this and Sakura. This is a short story about neighborhood childhood friends: Yoh and Akira. Yoh was traumatized by an event that occurred when he was in pre-school. So flash forward years later, everything comes to a sweet ending, sealed with a kiss. Although a lingering thought, I wondered if anyone else thought that Akira was dressed like a girl in pre-school?

Kitan Garden is a bittersweet romantic fantasy story about a rose prince falling in love with the gardener. In a twist that is like The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty did the prince get his wishes for a summer with the gardener. Now I described this as bittersweet romance, which can also be related to the drawing that was in the story. I wished that this story was slightly longer, because I enjoy happy endings and I canít say that this story lived up to my expectation of having one.

Sakura is the last story in this graphic novel and is about Yuuichi having to live with his bossís grandson Ren for one month. Yuuichi wasnít so pleased by it, but within the month he had fallen for Ren or was it vice versa? Some cute funny images with Ren at the beginning. There is also a brief comparison to Audrey Hepburnís Roman Holiday movie, so that was surprising.

Of all these four stories, the most graphic in sex is Bond(z) where as the others were pretty quick in showing one night of sex. Lots of kissing and sweet dialogue. The art is drawn nicely so I am not complaining. In fact I look forward to the next 801 media book that I can lay my hands on.

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