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05/08/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: Love Circumstances"

Love Circumstances
Story and Art: Aco Oumi
Published by 801 Media, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-934129-17-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-934129-17-3

Review by Kris

Love Circumstances is another steamy release by 801 Media, Inc.

Yamaguchi and Takagari were best friends, but they started dating over their summer break. Even though they are in love, Yamaguchi has some insecurities. He doesn't seem to know what Takagari sees in him. Not only that, but Takagari wants to kick it up a notch and take their relationship to the next level.

Yamaguchi isn't quite sure what to do about that either. Instead of clearing these things up with his boyfriend, he approaches Takagari's cousin for some answers. You'd think they were all middle school girls the way that they are handling this relationship. Onda, Takagari's cousin, doesn't have any answers for Yamaguchi. Takagari makes a visit to Onda's house for some advice and finds out that Yamaguchi has been feeling a little, okay a lot, self concious. Will Yamaguchi get over himself and tell Takagari that he loves him? Will Takagari get lucky? Read Love Circumstances to find out.

This was a fairly quick read and really quite graphic. I was taken aback at how detailed the sex scenes were drawn. This manga is a sequel, but the first book Peach Colored Pure Hearted Boys hasn't been translated and released here. I think that would have helped the story. I felt like we jumped right into the middle of the story and we were all expected to know who all the characters were, how their relationship came to fruition and things of that nature. I hope that 801 Media will think about getting a hold of the license to this because I think that would make Love Circumstances a much better read. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it. There are a few one-shots at the end of the book and the one entitled "Love and Work" was really sweet. It was really short, too. There wasn't any sex in the story either. If you think that makes it less enjoyable, the other two one-shots have plenty in them to keep you satisfied. Oumi-sensei's art is fantastic. You are able to tell each character apart Takagaki has fantastic hair and the detail is amazing. It is very pleasing to the eye!

The packaging was pleasant, as always, and the full color first page is really quite hot, and humorous. One of my favorite things about 801 Media is the four-panel 801-chan comic printed on the dust jacket flap. The comic this time around was hilarious! This is another quality release by 801 Media, and I say check it out (but make sure that you are 18 or can handle graphic sex!)

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