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05/18/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: Hero Heel vol. 2"

Hero Heel vol. 2
Story and Art: Makoto Tateno
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-836-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-836-1

Review by Kris

Hero Heel is a three volume series written and illustrated by Makoto Tateno-sama. Be sure to check out my review of Hero Heel vol. 1 here and Ginger Mayerson's review here.

Masaki Minami and Kazuomi Sawada are two of the lead actors in a new and hugely popular television show. Minami is the hero and Sawada plays the villain. In real life Sawada is kind of a jerk and Minami is kind of naive. Minami's love for Sawada is unrequited because Sawada made it clear that he doesn't get involved with co-stars. Throw in Katagiri's unrequited feelings for Minami and you have a sexy yaoi story headed for an explosive conclusion in the third volume

I apologize for any spoilers but the second volume starts where the first volume ends. Things are tense on set. Minami has been having a hard time getting over his feelings that he possesses for Sawada. Sawada on the other hand seems to have no problems what so ever. After a heated discussion between Minami and Sawada, Minami makes the decision to look at Sawada as the villain he is fighting against on both the show and in real life. Katagiri happened to overhear Sawada and Minami. After shooting Katagiri approaches Minami and lets him know that he overheard their conversation and that he wants to be the one to comfort Minami. To try to forget Sawada, Minami takes Katagiri up on his offer. Turns out that Katagiri wants to be the rebound man.

The show is a huge hit and it is decided to film an hour long summer special. To make the special a rating blockbuster the producers decide to bring in a special guest star to play Minami's older brother and Sawada's villainous boss. The actor slated to take on the role is none other than Sawada's former lover, Takagi. For a strange twist of plot Takagi and Minami share a strange likeness. It's to be expected if someone is cast to be a family member. You've got to look alike.

It turns out that Sawada and Takagi were lovers but Takagi was the one who ended the relationship. Takagi approaches Sawada and lets him know that he made a mistake and he wants to get back together. Sawada doesn't know how to react to this and for some strange reason his is hung up on Minami. Does he have an attraction to our dear Minami? Soon the cast find out that there is something going on between Minami and Katagiri. It seems that Sawada is a little jealous of Katagiri, but Katagiri is jealous of Sawada because Minami seems to have some lingering feelings for Sawada. Man these relationships are hard to keep track of!

This is a great sequel and I can't wait for the final installment. I was so anxious to find out how the story ended, I actually purchased the original trilogy (the Japanese volumes). So, yes, I know how it ends, but I don't speak or read Japanese so I need the English version to know what they are saying. Love is such a sticky emotion. It can be wonderful but it is also very painful. In Hero Heel it is all there to see how messy and crazy love is. Tateno-sama knows how to tell an intense story to keep you hooked and Juné is a great publisher to showcase her work. Read this series, it is definitely worthy of the time that you spend with it!

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