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05/22/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Novel Review: S vol. 1"

S vol. 1
Story by: Saki Aida
Art by: Chiharu Nara
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-706-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-706-7

Review by Kris

Intrigue! Sex! Guns! Sex! Yakuza! Sex! Did I mention sex? Now that I have your attention S is a four volume series by Saki Aida-sensei.

Masaki Shiiba is a detective working undercover in Shinjuku's red light district. The particular division that he is affiliated with is the intelligence gathering arm to gather weapons. In order to find these weapons he works with an "S", or spy, that is on the inside of the organizations that are being investigated.

Shiiba has quite the history. He had a loving older sister, a brother-in-law he admired, and a niece or nephew on the way. He also had passed his career track exam on the police force. Sadly, one day his sister was struck and killed by a stray bullet from a nearby gang battle. From that day on he vowed that he would work as a detective and confiscate every gun.

Working with an S is hard. You have to keep it on the down low that you are a detective and you have to reward your S with whatever they want. After the death of his first major S Shiiba meets Munechika, a Yakuza with the influential Matsukura Group. Shiiba and Munechika don't get along, but once Shiiba's higher ups find out that he and Munechika know one another, the bosses insist that Shiiba recruit Munechika as his new S. The only way that will happen though is for Shiiba to hand his body, heart, mind, and soul to Munechika. Hmmm... What will happen?

I am generally not into the whole mystery, cat-and-mouse type stories but I found this to be superb storytelling of the highest degree. It was gripping, heart wrenching, intense, and sexy all in one volume. Since I've only read the first two I can say that each volume can be seen as a stand alone tale, but it does help overall to read them together. The illustrations were very well done and let me tell you OH MY HOLY HEARTATTACK!!!!! The full color cover sheet is really quite explicit. I don't get too surprised with graphic sex scenes, but it sure made me blush! If you liked Makoto Tateno's Yellow, I'm quite sure that you will like this series. I love it and I've only read the first two and I can't wait to see what happens in the upcoming volumes.

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