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05/25/2008 Archived Entry: "Film Review: Honey and Clover"

Honey and Clover
Directed by Masahiro Takata
Screenplay by Masahiko Kawahara and Masahiro Takata
Based on the Manga by Chica Umino
Distributed by VIZ Media

Review by Kris

This is the blurb on the VIZ Media website:

"Based on the popular manga by Chica Umino which has sold over 10 million copies in Japan, Honey and Clover is a romantic comedy about a group of art school students who try to find their way. But when an innocent and talented 19-year-old girl enters their lives, things get a lot more complicated as love triangles result. Starring Yu Aoi (Hula Girls) and J-pop star Sho Sakurai. Directed by Masahiro Takata."

Honey and Clover follows the lives of five students at the same art college. The focus is on the interaction of these students with those around them.

The story seems to be told mostly from Takemoto's point of view. Takemoto, Ayumi, Mayama and Morita all attend the same art college. The arrival of Hagu throws the lives of these four students into utter turmoil. Hagu is the cousin of one of the teachers at the school and is staying with him. Morita on the other hand has been traveling overseas but will be coming home soon. Mayama is stalking his boss because he has the hots for her and Ayumi pines for Mayama only getting the cold shoulder in return. Takemoto doesn't seem to have much artistic ability but has a refreshing and cheerful outlook on life. He falls in love with Hagu at first meeting. Will these five get things ironed out? Whose hearts will be broken? Check out Honey and Clover to find out.

I really liked this movie. Some things were a bit formulaic, but that is to be expected these days. The music was fantastic and emphasized the story quite well. I haven't read the manga, I probably won't read the manga, but don't let that hinder you in checking out this film. The roles were well cast for the characters. Takemoto portrayed by Sho Sakurai had a very fresh look and portrayed a young man in love and despair very well. Yu Aoi who played Hagu was sweet and disheveled like you would expect an art prodigy to be. Megumi Seki as Ayumi the broken hearted beauty was flawless. Ryo Kase playing Mayama made a great nerdy stalker but was earnest in spirit. My favorite character had to be Morita played by Yusuke Iseya. He played the part of cocky art genius to a T. I recommend this film to anyone who likes movies that keep you in some semblance of heightened sensitivity to the end, with laughs sprinkled throughout. Check it out!

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