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06/18/2008 Archived Entry: "Josei Review: Voices of Love"

Voices of Love
Story and Art by Kanae Hazuki
Published by Luv Luv Press
ISBN-10: 1934496081
ISBN-13: 978-1934496084

Review by Linda Yau

Voices of Love is a heterosexual graphic novel that has five short stories. The targeted audience for this book is for josei, which is Japanese for adult woman that is different from shoujo (teen girls). This is the first translated release from Luv Luv Press, and they have from that time have released other novels for the adult female.

Voices of Love is the first story in this 192 page paperback, and is the title story on the blurb in the back of the book. Mika Tsukahara is the teacher to Naokazu Kuga, a student at her school. They are also neighbors with paper thin walls between their apartments. One thing leads to another and there is a forbidden attraction between them.

One Summerís Day is the second story and is about Shigure and Sana. They are high school friends and Shigure is the first man that Sana has had sex with. The only problem is that, they arenít a couple and most of the time Shigure only has casual sex with Sana. Sana actually loves Shigure, so would there be any returned love in this selfish sex relationship?

Rainbow Smile is about Nina who is involved in an abusive relationship. However, there is Taichi her best friend that is can comfort her in the downtimes of her relationship. It is just a matter of when Nina would leave her boyfriend for Taichi.

Pictures of Us is the fourth story and is about Mizu, a 36 year old man. He doesnít want to be alone, so one day he posts an online ad and Fuyu answers the ad. The only problem, Fuyu is18 years old, quite an age difference as Mizu believes; by the end though, he realizes that he doesnít mind the age difference and embarks on a relationship with Fuyu.

Teach Me Love is the final story where college students Atsushi meets Hayako Yamano. Their meeting is quite surprising when Hayako is offered to Atsushi as payment from Kasai, their mutual acquaintance. Other than feeling strange and bad by the situation, Atsushi afterwards teaches Hyako to lover herself, instead of offering her body to men.

Voices of Love is quite different from the graphic novels I usually read, sex between men and woman as opposed to the yaoi stuff. Graphic erotica, seeing it in graphic format, however makes me aware of the difference between Asian and western cultures. I have previously read of negative reviews of this book, courtesy of Amazon had reviewer stating that the heroines in this book series have no backbone. I can say that I agree with that assumption. Of the entire book, the only stories that caught my eye were either Voices of Love and Teach Me Love, because of the sweetness the men have for the female in question. I was quite annoyed by Rainbow Smile, but if there is anyone with a different opinion. Feel free to comment.

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