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06/19/2008 Archived Entry: "Graphic Novel Review: The Clouds Above"

The Clouds Above
Story and Art: Jordan Crane
Published by Fantagraphics Books
ISBN-10: 1-56097-909-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-56097-909-8

Review by Kris

Simon has the tendency to be late. He's late so often his teacher Missus Poe has threatened him with a beating with a phone book. Oh, No! The door into the school is locked and the only way in is removing the vent on the door. Simon's cat Jack has joined him at school today. Once he gets in, one of Simon's classmates tattles to Missus Poe. Simon and Jack decide hide on the roof instead of enduring the wrath of Missus Poe. That is where the adventure truly begins.

On the rooftop is a lot of junk and door. Just a door and a frame, nothing else. Simon, with his young boy curiosity, open the door. Behind this door is a mysterious spiral staircase. Simon, his young boy curiosity, and Jack begin to ascend the staircase. The further they travel above the school they meet some yellow birds that suggest they head to the salt flats instead of going further up the staircase. The birds also insult Jack by calling him a dog which Jack responds to by trying to eat them. Once the birds fly off, Simon and Jack continue on their journey. The farther up they go, the thicker the clouds. Once they reach the top of the cloud canopy it turns out that the two of them can walk on the clouds. Cool!

While exploring the tops of the clouds Simon and Jack meet a very sad cloud by the name of Perch. He's named Perch because that's what his bird friends call him. Perch is sad because he wants to see his birdsies at the salt flats but he's so far away from them. To cheer Perch up, Simon creates a cloud propeller so Perch can fly to see his bird friends. Perch grabs Simon and Jack, his new friends, and take them on the adventure of their life.

The Clouds Above is a clever book for all ages to enjoy. It is written in graphic novel style with a hip Dr. Seuss vibe. Each character has their quirks. Simon is terribly attached to his encyclopedia volume P-Q, Jack is a very large and fat cat, and Perch is a cute and poofy cloud. Who hasn't had a teacher like Missus Poe? We don't ever see her face but you know that she's an older, mean bitty with saggy boobs, armpit stains and flies hovering around her. You can almost smell her! I loved this book so much I made my mom, sister and my twelve-year-old niece read it. I just wish I could find a staircase like this! I highly recommend to everyone young and old, rich and poor, to read this fun tale of adventure!

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