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06/20/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Jamboree Day 1"

Yaoi Jamboree, Glendale AZ, Day 1

Rachel Livingston let me hitch a ride with her to Glendale Arizona for Yaoi Jamboree. She picked me up at 2AM (my neighbors must be scandalized; they never see me up that late) and we drove into the desert. I don't have any pictures of this, sorry, it was just dark and empty.

But this is Rachel when we got to the Renaissance Phoenix Hotel:

Rachel did all the driving.

It's a nice hotel:

I never quite figured out what these were:

Sadly, this water container was broken by the end of the day:

Relaxing in my room, I did eventually get dressed and go out:

It's a nice hotel and even nicer that they let me check in when I got there and didn't charge an extra day. It's a brand new hotel and seems a little fragile. The attention to detail is odd: I came across some nice tile and light fixture touches, but they're used so often they lost any impact. And, of course, the carpeting ranges from alarming to distrubing thoughout.

I met Yamila Abraham of Yaoi Press, the organizer of the con (left), and Kyla Mills, the con chair (right):

There were long hallways to get to the dealer room:

There were previews in the dealer room from 5-9pm:

There were sketch sessions.

This pose started out like this:

And the next time I looked over there, it was this:

And costumes:

She said she was a Trekkie:

There are more pictures, some blurry ones as an extra bonus (ain't you lucky?) at the Flickr. God bless Flickr. More con reportage tomorrow.

Previously: Shoot. I don't have an ftp program on here to upload photos for commentary. But there's always Flickr and some bad pictures. I'll add photos and commentary when I get back to my own computer. (I was tired tonight anyway. Rachel and I left LA at 2AM.)

Replies: 3 comments

The hotel pictures on Flickr looks really nice and comfortable.

Posted by Linda @ 06/22/2008 01:52 PM PST

being shippo is hard work when inu wont let you do any thin lol

Posted by steven @ 07/01/2008 12:18 AM PST

Shippo knock it off. *smirks* Nice shots of Steven and myself as Inu and Shippo... ^_^

Posted by Matthew @ 07/03/2008 02:16 PM PST

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