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06/21/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Jamboree Day 2"

Yaoi Jamboree, Glendale AZ, Day 2

Relaxing in the lobby.

Not many pictures for you today because my camera battery ran out on me.

I am so nice. I stood in line for Rachel to get autographs from the creators of Level C:

Futaba and Mitsuba (and I've no idea which is whom).

But Rachel was happy:

Two other manga guests:

Eiki Eiki and Tsuada (Tsuada is in the hat).

I didn't get much out of the opening ceremonies other than that it's hard to whip a crowd of less than 20 into much of a frenzy. This con needs some angels.

I don't have exact numbers, but I understand that attendance was under 300. I feel this is a terrible shame because another yaoi centered convention outside of the Bay Area can only be good. I do think, and everyone I ask seems to think, that this con would be better held in Las Vegas. Not only because Las Vegas is Yamilla's home town, but also because the hotels are cheaper and there's more to do outside the con. Whole families could come for the con. While the women shopped for yaoi and went to panels, the men could drink and gamble. There might also be a few show boys who'd be amused to do the bishie thing. It's perfect.

I'm also bored in this hotel (the spa is way out of my budget) and it was 120F outside so I felt a little trapped, too. There's a nice fitness center, but I didn't bring any workout clothes. Oh well.

I got a decent lunch in the bar, but still expensive:

Their curried chicken salad sandwich was good, but too much like a salad to be a sandwich and too like a sandwich to be a salad and so in the end was somewhat unsatisfying. But by then it was nap time.

At 4PM I went to DMP's well attended panel hosted by Rachel and Duke. The main news was in new releases: Doki Doki, which is a co-label release with Shinshoken (sp?). Also "Color," "Living for Tomorrow," "Fevered Kiss" (a novel), "Midnight Blue," and "Brilliant Blue" all set for September 2009 releases.

Digital Manga will also be opening an exclusive yaoi online store on or before September 2009 called Yaoi Superstore (will be at My notes say 9/2009, but I think it's opening sooner than that, so keep an eye on that website.

After the panel, I struck up a conversation with Soyoung Jung of and got two very beautiful manwha books, "Roureville 1" and "Boy Princess 1," for review. All books are also online so you can sample before you buy.

I then had another overpriced dinner in the deserted restaurant and called it a night.

Replies: 4 comments

Can suggest to the con planners to have the Yaoi con at Las Vegas.

Posted by Linda @ 06/22/2008 01:50 PM PST

HI! Nice to see your site! Strange you complain about nothing to do outside of Yaoi Jam, though. Did you really need to do anything else? Why bother with bringing the family? Leave the old man at home with the kids, for Pete's sake! You could have found cheaper lodging and restaurants, if that was a problem. Maybe next year you can room with me instead of someone who's attending on her company expense account. I'll call you about your book!

Posted by Lyn Jensen @ 06/24/2008 03:10 PM PST

Hi Lyn.

I think you're kind of missing the point of my con review. The con and the con hotel for the con is what I'm reviewing. I just thought the hotel was expensive. My personal and professional economics are not the issue here, but if it's of any interest to anyone I was pleasantly surprised at checkout: even with a trip to the spa on Sunday, my bill was lower than I thought it would be. However, $129/night + food is still $129/night + food.

I attended the con as press for J LHLS. I have no idea why you bring up whom I associated with at the con. It had no bearing on my con experience or reporting except to mention it now and then. I spent some time with you as well, and other than being a pleasantly professional experience, it had little or no impact on my con experience or my review. I don't recall there being any unpleasantness between us, but your comment makes me wonder if I missed something.

I look forward to reading your convention reporting. It was 120F outside the hotel and in Phoenix, did you find something to do outside the hotel? I'd love to hear about it. I didn't have a car with me, and walking in 120F seems suicidal.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 06/24/2008 03:23 PM PST

Hi there! I was surprised to see you put the picture of me and my sasuke on your page! You review was very well written and fair. Just to let you know there was maybe 78 attendees not including dealers, staff, and guests. I will be writing my own review tonight. I will post the link on the forum.

Posted by Foxas @ 07/01/2008 04:07 PM PST

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