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06/24/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Love is Like a Hurricane, vol 5"

Love is Like a Hurricane 5
Story and Art by: Tokiya Shimazaki
Published by: 801 Media, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1-934129-14-2

Review by April Kimm

801 Media has nice presentation: the manga is similar in size to the original Japanese manga with a dust jacket and 2 color cover pages. Tokiya Shimazaki is the mangaka of "Little Romance." The yaoi manga is composed of 6 chapters about the continuing relationship between in charge Azuma and na´ve Mizuki, who somehow manages to either misunderstand something or other or gets easily duped by Azuma's cousin Seiichi, who enjoys toying with him. As in the rest of the series, smut abounds in almost every chapter. This is the first volume in which there are no one-shots or chapters devoted to side characters.

In the first chapter, Seiichi relates to Mizuki the basis of the twins' crush on Azuma, who demonstrates a different aspect of his character in the middle school flashback. The twins from volume 4 and Mizuki's childhood friend Tiny from volume 2 make cameos.

In the second chapter, Mizuki feels guilty after accidentally breaking Azuma's glasses after Seiichi explains that they help Azuma with an incurable condition. Of course, Azuma takes advantage of Mizuki's gullibility, and Seiichi enjoys a snicker.

In the third chapter, Azuma invites Mizuki to a festival for his usual ulterior motive. Once Azuma spots Tiny, he drags Mizuki into a shrine, and Seiichi locks them in for Azuma's enjoyment.

In the fourth chapter, Azuma surprises Mizuki with his easy acceptance of his request to spend the day at the beach with his friends, who discover why Azuma was so willing to let Mizuki go without him. We find out what Azuma did to Mizuki when he was sleeping the day before the trip to the beach.

In the fifth chapter, Azuma tutors Mizuki in English by an alternative method. Certain English words will never be the same again.

In the last chapter, Mizuki gets confused as to why he feels weird around his new tutor. Luckily, Azuma is there to explain his condition and get rid of a potential molester.

"Love is Like a Hurricane 5" is mindless fluff in this comedic series about relationships in an all-boys high school.

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