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07/04/2008 Archived Entry: "Anime Expo 2008: Day 2"

Anime Expo 2008 at the Los Angeles convention center: Day 2

Report by Ginger Mayerson

Today was a heavy news day (for me, anyway). I wound up in the ADV panel and they are not going out of business, but they will be going slow for a while. They have deals in the works so there wasn't much they could talk about. They did say no new acquisitions in the next 12 months and they would like to finish the lines they already have.

They showed the first episode of an anime called Kiba or Akiba, which is about a dystopian teen trying to save his mom and break out of the slums. Turns out he doesn't have to save his mom because she's some sort of goddess and he catapults himself into another dimension. Or something. It was entertaining.

Rachel and Ben hosted the DMP Panel

The panel was mainly about Pop Japan Travel, which looks completely wonderful. Sounds like you can see A LOT on these tours for under $3K, which sounds really cheap to me, but I've never been to Japan (maybe I should go).

Disclaimer: I was writing as fast as I could and I didn't get the Japanese titles, so some of these might be different on the DMP website and I might have missed a few. Proceed at your own risk.

The licensing/release news was this:

Fafner novel, based on anime; Knights, manga; Flamboyant Art book; Enchanter 9; Megumi Deluxe; Vampire Hunter D, vol 2; Uta Hima; Uta Hima Princess Song; Overlock: One in a Blue Moon; Ghost Hunter Scramble; Tale of a White Knight; 1 Sakura Hill; Lyric Nonoha Strikers; RH Plus; and Time for Magic.

The Doki Doki imprint, a co-publishing venture with Shinshokan, will release:

Princess Princess Plus; Wolf God; Happy Boys; Otadama; Crimson Cross; and Millennium Prime Minister.

Actually Gia took faster, better notes on the DMP panel than I did.

Then, after dinner at the Pantry Café (pictures below), here's the news from the June/801 panel:

801 titles: Just Around the Corner; Falling Into Love; Meeting You; Black Sun; His Arrogance; Hey, Class President; Dog x Cat..

June titles: Desire-Dangerous Feelings (novel); Moonlit Promises; Tricky Prince; Double Trouble; Where has Love Gone?; Then Comes Love; Pure Heart (I noticed "Junjou" was the Japanese title); Way to Heaven; Clan of the Nakimas, vol 2; Love/Knot; Object of my Affection; Long; Live for Love; Eat or Be Eaten; The Spiral of Sand; Honey Chocolate; Manhattan Love Story; Planet of Earthquakes; Cut; The Lonely Egoist; When the Heavens Smile; Hey, Sensei (Nee, Sensei); Love Syndrome; and Love Potion.

Good old Gia took better, faster notes on this panel, too.

And then it was time to go home.

But I'll leave you with some pictures:

Some guys chanting "Five Managa Twenty Dollars"

Lady being dressed in a kimono.

Artist Alley entrance

It's always good if you can get Jesus to attend your convention. I couldn't decide which picture I liked best, so lucky you, you get both.

We passed the Hotel Figueroa on the way to The Pantry and had a look at the pool.

I think the Hotel Figueroa would be great for cosplay and I hope it's on the hotel list for next year, if AX is in LA, which I think it is.

Cosplay at the Pantry

Digital Manga's Paula

Wendy and Duke

And Rachel

Outside the convention center

Inside the convention center

Cosplay, various

I have no idea why Darth Vader was there with a bride. I just went with it.

And something I didn't quite understand quite late in the evening: an L Pile

I dunno, I just dunno.

I'd like to thank everyone who makes a costume and so patiently allows journalists like me to take their pictures. I did have one guy in a school girl uniform turn me down today, but he looked like he was having a bad day and I got over it very quickly.

And I lost my press badge tonight, so I'll have to brave the line to get another one tomorrow. If it's not easy, I imagine you'll get to hear about it tomorrow.

Sleep tight, everyone, I plan to.

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Cool Cere Cere, Jun Jun, Zolo, giant Kirby plushie and wow. Oh and I keep on not putting my email, figure we corresponded enough times.

Posted by Linda @ 07/07/2008 05:49 AM PST

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