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07/05/2008 Archived Entry: "Anime Expo 2008: Day 3"

Anime Expo 2008 at the Los Angeles convention center: Day 3

Report by Ginger Mayerson

So, I got to the convention center south hall around 11 and you can't really see it in this photo

but the line to get into the exhibitor hall went out the front door and around the building. The lobby was blocked off, so I had to take two escalators up to get over to the other side so I could get to the west hall and replace my press pass, which was, thankfully, easy.

I dropped by the Digital Managa booth to return Fred Lui's badge that Wendy lent me last night. This is Fred, via Wendy, he's my hero.

This is DMI's honcho, Hikaru Sasahara

I did a long interview with Hikaru in 2007, he's a fascinating guy.

Then I wandered into some panels. I caught the end of the Manga as High Art: Self-Defense for the Otaku, which I wish I'd seen more of because the presenter was highly entertaining. The program just lists Arashi Productions, so I don't know the guy's name. What I got to see was good analysis of how manga differs from and often artistically surpasses western comics. Even I was impressed by his analysis and examples, and if it's not Krazy Kat, it's not art for me. He also limned the similarities between cosplay and historical re-enactments and sporting events where people dress up and get nuts. Although in my limited experience with all three of those things, I've found there's less liquor involved in cosplay.

I went to the next panel mostly for comics writer and J LHLS editor Chad Denton. It was "Collaborating a Comic," moderated by Rob Zailo and Darren J. Gendron in their first convention appearance in four years. They mentioned some resources for hooking up with an artist or writer (;, Craig's list) and tips on knowing if this is the person you want to work with. For art, always ask for eight pages, because eight pages will tell you everything you need to know about the artist. For writers, you should have a killer hook sentence that's no more than 50 words at the beginning of your paragraph long pitch. If you can't condense your idea into less than 50 words and then make your case in a paragraph, busy and dynamic people are not going to discover your genius. Sad, but true, and this is the world we live in. Other than a few questions on copyright they really couldn't answer, suggesting that Legal Zoo is a good place to look at collaborator contracts, and the eternal answer on legalities (If you're really worried, talk to a lawyer), there wasn't much information in this panel. But the vibe in the room was nice.

Then I grabbed a hot dog, which I ate while standing in line for 30 minutes to pay for it. LACC, I know I didn't go there to eat, but your food service could really use some help.

Then I was at the Vampire Hunter D panel, moderated by Fred Lui

with special guests author Hideyuki Kikuchi (here with translator Duke)

and artist Saiko Takaki.

One of the questions that stuck with me was why did Kikuchi write the demon hand? Which is something Tom had wondered about in one of his reviews (vol 1 and vol 2).

The explanation is

that D is a loner character

and the demon hand is his sidekick, like Tonto, so he doesn't get lonely.

Well, that's what Duke translated at least. Mystery solved at last!

I split after that, but here's a little more cosplay for you.

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Cool Nine Tails, human Tetris (possibly anticipating the American version of Human Tetris). Interesting interview with Sasahara-san, from what I read of it. 29 pages is a lot. From what I read - well that's a downside of globalization, everyone wants to have the same emphasis on cool.

Posted by Linda @ 07/07/2008 06:02 AM PST

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