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07/06/2008 Archived Entry: "Anime Expo 2008: Day 4"

Anime Expo 2008 at the Los Angeles convention center: Day 4

Report by Ginger Mayerson

So, today was the last day of the expo. I went to the con feedback panel, which was mostly praiseóloved the shuttle system, loved the new registration systemóbut many constructive suggestions. I said the only thing they needed was a massage stop or mini-spa. Chase said they'd look into. Other suggestions were that the convention center needs another Starbucks (more on that later), the con should try to get the 7th and Fig Marketplace to stay open on July 4 for cheap food (good luck), the con could use an Anime 101 for neophytes, one guy wanted more new anime and films. Chase mentioned that they got the "L" movie, which I went to see instead of a panel on romance manga.

But first I stood in line at Starbucks for 30 minutes. Since I was there, I took pictures.

Girl in front of me at the Starbucks line

The reason for the Starbucks line: a lone cashier, which is totally ridiculous with a line like the one I was in.

I know the convention center is having labor problems, but I'm losing sympathy and solidarity for and with everyone concerned. There are no restaurants near the convention center, so mistreating captive consumer seems cruel and stupid. And why is there only one Starbucks in the LACC? Why? By usual Starbucks store placement there should be at least five or more. It's stupid. Get more coffee places. Get Pete's, anything. This is America, there should be coffee competition in the LACC.

Oh well, I don't have to go back there until AX2009, which, yay! Is being held at LACC again. I think I'll bring my own food though.

So, I saw the L movie: L: change the world. I thought it was going to be about L's early life, but it was about the last 23 days of his life.

L sings! L dances! No, he doesn't but he does go on the run with two weepy kids and still managed to save the world in spite of them, or because of them. I love the actor who plays L. Enjoyable. Recommended.

I'll leave you with some cosplay as we say aloha to AX 2008.

Yours as ever,

Ginger Mayerson

Replies: 1 Comment

Cool Sailor Stars.. interesting Bison? Hmm Starbucks.. I am thinking of that one lone Kiosk at Baltimore Convention Center..about 30+ people.. I was deprived of Starbucks until I went to another kiosk at Barns and Noble about three blocks off. This was Otakon 2007, wonder how it would be like in Otakon 2008.

Posted by Linda @ 07/08/2008 05:56 AM PST

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