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07/12/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: Tomcats 1"

Story and Art by Mashiro Minamino
Published by Deux Press
ISBN10: 1934496235
ISBN13: 9781934496237

Review by Linda Yau

This is a verbatim description from the back of the graphic novel: Tomcats

Pint-sized Human Cats, Shady “Men in Black,” A Cat God and More!

Mao is just your typical disillusioned young man working in a pizza joint. But he soon finds himself in the middle of a surreal adventure after he meets his old friend Sora, a pint-sized human cat. Shady “men in black” show up at his workplace, prompting Mao to flee the city for a forest in the middle of the desert. Mao’s back-to-nature escape wouldn’t be complete without his silent lover Tora, Koyuki the magic human kitten, who can make all sorts of things appear, and more pint-sized human cats. Out of a door in a tree emerges a confused cat god, but even stranger still is what’s inside the tree! Yaoi in Wonderland?!

What a misleading book description. The graphic novel, Tomcats certainly does not begin in a linear fashion as the product description summarizes. In fact, the plot felt rushed and incomplete as it jumped all over the place, in a disjointed fashion and it did take me several frustrating tries to even begin the book.

Chapters were separated into many mini-episodes/chapters.

The book is quite weird and humorous once you get into pace of the book, with random acts occurring – such as being punted off into mid-air or continually being wished a “Good Morning” to. I had no problems with loving the cat boy characters, what is there not to love? They’re short, cute and cuddly.

Several complaints though, not sure if it was the fault of the author or the publisher, but someone should not have placed the map at the beginning of the story. Another would be the lack of boys love’s sexual scenes in this book. Occasionally I would imagine there being some kissing. This book lacks all of that, save for some symbolic ideas; as far as I am concerned volume two must be better in terms of physical romantic development. What made me not give up hope of this being boy’s love, are the premises of the humans and some of the cat boys already having pre-existing romantic relationships.

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