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07/13/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Novel Review: Sweet Admiration"

Sweet Admiration
Story by: Yuuki Kousaka
Illustrations by: Midori Shena
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-732-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-732-6

Review by Kris

One summer during Katsuya's childhood, his life changed forever. Kazuki and Shio came to spend the summer with their Uncle. Katsuya and Kazuki were the same age and became friends immediately. Shio is Kazuki's older brother. Katsuya is an only child and both his parents work full time. He doesn't know what it's like to have someone waiting for him at home after a long day of playing with friends. He always appreciated when Shio would come and pick up Kazuki and they would walk Katsuya home. From that summer on Katsuya loved Shio.

Fast forward several years. Katsuya has graduated from college and decided to take a job in Tokyo. It turns out that this job is at a company that Shio helped found. That would explain why Katsuya would want the job. He was assured that when he moved to Tokyo the company would provide him housing. Although when he arrives, the housing is unavailable. Not knowing what to do he contacts Kazuki. Kazuki is excited to know that his friend has come to his city and will do anything to help him out. Kazuki is a little confused on why he decided to take a job in Tokyo instead of his hometown like he said he would. Now secrets are revealed. Katsuya purposefully took the job at the company that company in hopes of seeing Shio. Kazuki lets Katsuya know that Shio is straight and that he is only an investor and the chances of running into him at work are slim to none. Even if he did see him at work, Shio probably wouldn't remember Katsuya anyway. Katsuya's hopes were dashed in an instant, but he just tells himself that it wasn't love he was feeling towards Shio, but admiration.

Once Katsuya starts his job he gets a little annoyed at the fact that the company hasn't given him any heads up on his housing situation. He approaches the president of the company (it's a really new company) and basically rips him a new one. The president reassures Katsuya that things will work out and he will keep him posted. Later on that afternoon, Katsuya is making copies when a photo on a shelf catches his eye. Picking up the photo one person stands out by far and away. It's Shio. To keep from being too obvious Katsuya asks a co-worker about the photo and finds out that it is indeed Shio. After going out on his rounds and arriving back to the office, the co-worker with whom he had the discussion with about the photo chases him down. He is wanted in the presidents office. Uh-oh!

Katsuya enters the office and what is the first things he sees? Shio. He is taken aback. Shio is so much more beautiful than he remembers. It turns out that Shio lives alone in an apartment that has been provided to him by the company. To ease the stress of Katsuya's situation it is decided that he will live with Shio until arrangements for company housing can be made. Inside Katsuya is ecstatic, but Shio on the other hand is not at all thrilled. Katsuya remembered a shy, but caring person in Shio, but this person he is seeing now is really kind of a jerk. Shio lays down the ground rules. You are responsible for yourself, period, the end. Will Katsuya be able to survive living with his dream man? Does Shio warm up to Katsuya?

Sweet Admiration was reviewed here by Ryes. So be sure to check out her review as well. This is a departure from what I like to call rape lit. Rape lit is where the main character is raped, but the attacker convinces the victim that he actually really wants it. And of course, the victim falls in love for the attacker. With this a common premise in both yaoi novels and yaoi manga reading something where this is not present is really quite nice. This is just a sweet story with a sweet storyline. I did notice a couple of errors (mixing up names, etc.) but not too many. It is also a very quick read (although, I should say that I am a very fast reader and I have no life so it's easy for me to read a book of this size in a couple of hours). It's perfect to throw into your beach bag, or if a beach isn't close by (like in my case) take it poolside, keep it next to your sunscreen! Juné has had some hits and misses with their novel titles (more hits that misses, but I'm trying to catch up on their novels). The story is solid and sweet, very little angst, and it's an all around good story. The art is beautiful and makes a great addition to the story. Sweet Admiration is definitely a great addition to my growing yaoi novel collection and I can see myself reading it again and again in the future!

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