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07/13/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Novel Review: Caged Slave"

Caged Slave
Story by: Yuiko Takamura
Illustrated by: An Kanae
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-735-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-735-7

Review by Kris

Tsukasa Shinozaki has really bad luck with men. Part of the problem is that he is extremely good looking. When men approach him, they only look at his outward appearance and only want him for his good looks and smokin' body. Because of this he has developed a complex and has very little self-confidence. For the past year he had been dating his boss but recently his boss tossed him aside to become engaged to the daughter of the president of the company that they work for. To add insult to injury, Tsukasa was demoted to a crappy position in the company. He had been working as a secretary and actually doing a good job. To drown his sorrows, one evening he finds himself drinking by himself in a hotel bar. When fate appears. A mysterious stranger buys him a drink and then proceeds to invite him to his room. Tsukasa is starving for some physical action and takes him up on the offer. They have quite the passionate night of hot, sweaty, wild sex. The next morning Tsukasa wants to know the name of this gorgeous, mysterious stranger. But the only answer he gets is that the room they are in will be reserved again next week and Tsukasa is more than welcome to join him for some more hot sex.

Tsukasa has some reservations, but finds himself going back to the hotel every Friday night. He's fallen for the mysterious stranger but is conflicted because he knows nothing about the man. The pattern continues for three months. Strangely he looks forward to Friday nights because his job holds no fulfillment anymore. One day at work he is called up to the General Affairs office. The president of the company had passed away suddenly (earlier in the year) and the previous president was in his eighties and couldn't take on the job full time. It was decided that they would hire a new executive to handle many presidential type tasks until the daughter of the president who passed away graduated from college. Which she would then take the reins. On his previous boss' recommendation (the evil, scheming one) he is assigned as the new executive's secretary. Tsukasa is ecstatic! For the next week he prepares everything to make the new executive, Kouki Takeshima's transition that much easier. Tsukasa is so excited when the day arrives to meet his new boss. He is given the heads up that Takeshima is headed his way. When the elevator doors open Tsukasa is in for a major surprise.

The new executive is none other that the gorgeous mystery man that he's been sleeping with for the past three months (gasp!). Tsukasa regains his composure, introduces himself, and proceeds to inform him of his schedule. The weeks passes by at a whirlwind pace. Friday arrives and Tsukasa stands in the hallway in front of the hotel room that he and Takeshima share. He's unable to knock on the door because he is wracked with fear. He's afraid that if he knocks, no one will be there. He can't handle the rejection. Besides, he figures that now their identities are out in the open Takeshima won't be interested anymore. He is so distraught that he runs away. At work on Monday when Tsukasa dons his secretary cap he feels that the look in Takeshima's eyes tell him that he wasn't at the hotel on Friday. Takeshima was feeling the fever in his lower regions and throws Tsukasa on his desk. Tsukasa was also feeling the fever and a new game was born. But Tsukasa is still struggling with his own emotions. He's fallen in love with his boss but doesn't feel that Takeshima feels the same way. Will Tsukasa be able to confess his feelings? How will Takeshima deal with this situation? You've got to read Caged Slave to find out.

I have no idea where they got the idea for the title Caged Slave. It was, however, a pretty good book. This book is devoid of any rape scenes, even though Takeshima feels like he's raping Tsukasa when the do it in his office for the first time. Something that I've noticed in a lot of these yaoi novels is there is one sex scene just before the end, but with this book the sex starts right away and continues regularly. The illustrations are pretty erotic but not overly graphic. Juné did a great job with selecting this title. I started reading it before I went to bed but I couldn't put it down so I stayed up way past my bedtime (I work really early in the morning so just lay off!) to finish reading it. I definitely recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a quick read with hot sex!

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