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07/28/2008 Archived Entry: "e-Book Review: Taste Test: Summer Solstice"

Taste Test: Summer Solstice
Edited by Mychael Black with stories by Syd McGinley, GS Wiley, Kit Zheng
Published by Torquere Press
ISBN-10: 1-60370-407-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-60370-407-6

Review by Linda Yau

Taste Test is a short anthology with three different stories. The Holly and the Oak by GS Wiley. Roy LeRoy and the Longest Day by Kit Zheng. Rude Mechanicals by Syd McGinley. As a general impression these stories all left me with the feeling, as though there should a glass of lemonade nearby to sip.

The first story features Alan, a florist living during World War II near Stonehenge. He lives there with his dogs and can’t join the war because of a damaged leg. He meets Captain Gary Krazowski and there begins a relationship that is quickly concluded because the story was only nine pages long.

The second story is a humorous one about Sheriff Roy LeRoy and his quest to somehow get the sun to set. It is apparent that the sun is stuck in the high noon position. So Roy goes on an adventure to seek the assistance of Sucking Cyclone Steve Darling, to get his cow to jump over the sun. The payment though, is quite sexual in purpose – put it this way, Roy would have to do a 69 with Steve and sees who wins, so that the cow can jump over the moon *cough* sun.

The third and last story is apparently of Dr. Fell, a recurring character from the author’s publications. Rude Mechanicals is sequel to a prior story named A Short Leash. As Dr. Fell travels to his friend’s home; he comes across a local acting group practicing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Dr. Fell had a private session with the group’s Bottom.

Most of the stories I felt were decent in introducing characters, but too short in meaning anything other than what they started to introduce. These are impressions I had and took when I was reading these stories: I wouldn’t mind if there is a continuing story or epilogue to Wiley’s story. Somehow the story of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was in my mind as I read of the seemingly implausible things occur as if it was a natural occurrence. The third story was something I didn’t expect to read.

Of all these stories, the sweetest was the first story, the most explicit was the second story and the third story I wondered if this anthology was a suitable placement for it.

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