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08/04/2008 Archived Entry: "e-Book review: The Pardoner's Tale"

The Pardoner's Tale
Written by Morgan Ferdinand
Published by Torquere Press
ISBN-10:  1603704191
ISBN-13:  9781603704199

Review by Jilly Gee

Nick, a private investigator and a werewolf, is committed to killing all vampires.  Alex, a vampire, is committed to annoying the hell out of Nick.  Their strange relationship never seemed unnatural, despite the fact that it started when Alex knocked Nick unconscious in an alley after the werewolf's failed attempt at stealth.  While Nick is not quite ready to admit that they are friends, he does have to admit that Alex is useful, considering that the P. I.'s investigations usually involve the capturing of demons.

Labeled as a paranormal, gay erotic romance, expect more paranormal adeventures than romantic ones.  Forced to go on the run together, they act shady to stay at nice places and act natural to stay at shady places, giving this story its dark, seedy atmosphere.  Nick still does not relinquish his job as an investigator of the occult, which adds in gritty detective work and mystery.  Altogether, it's the perfect setting for a traditional detective story with a paranormal angle.

The romance aspect of the story does not fare as well as the investigating aspect.  The kissing and touching are few and far, eliciting no emotions from the characters that last beyond the moment and certainly no grand realizations of love.  Whatever thoughts Nick has of Alex being anything more than an annoying roommate are quickly pushed into the realm of denial and stays there for the entirety of the story, leaving behind feelings of frustration and disappointment.  They have one short, not-so-sweet sexual scene, falling short of both erotica and romance.  In fact, it all just feels like a big tease for people that were hoping for an equal dose of romantic passion to go with the detective action.

If you ever watched Supernatural and longingly wished that the pair of brothers was a pair of lovers instead, then The Pardoner's Tale is almost perfect.  It would actually be perfect if it bothered to explore feelings, but as it is, it's just a good paranormal mystery with some kissing and groping on the side.

Replies: 1 Comment

Thanks for this review! I like that it's fair and honest. You got the book exactly as it was intended.

Hopefully the lack of romance hasn't put you off completely and you'll give the follow-ups a try. The heat turns up in each subsequent story.

Thank you for the great review.

Posted by Morgan Ferdinand @ 08/15/2008 01:10 PM PST

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