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08/05/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Golden Prince & Argent King"

Golden Prince & Argent King
By Kouko Agawa
Published by June Manga
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-720-3

Review by April Kimm

Kouko Agawa is the mangaka of "Egoism," "Love You Only," "Paradise Heaven," "Stand Up Baby," and "Trouble Maker." The manga has six chapters of the main story. It's shonen-ai for the most part with only very soft smut in one scene.

In the first chapter, Yuuki meets his half-brothers Gai and Masumi and begins to live with them after his mother dies. Up until then, he'd been living a normal life with his mother, who was a hostess. Following the will of their grandfather, they retrieve Yuuki, who is their father's second illegitimate child after Masumi. Although Gai, the only legitimate heir, is strict in front of him, Yuuki sees Gai's tender side in his care for his dog Julie.

In the second chapter, Masumi's fan club pulls pranks on Yuuki at school, because they are jealous that he suddenly becomes close to Masumi, the student council president and school idol. Yuuki discovers the school greenhouse that Gai told him about and coincidentally sees Gai on the street with his girlfriend. Masumi interrupts his fan club in their attempt to attack Yuuki, Gai gets upset at Masumi for his carelessness in preventing the incident, Masumi confesses his love for Yuuki, and Yuuki kisses the sleeping Gai.

In the third chapter, Gai saves Yuuki from getting hit by a car, Gai walks in on Yuuki fleeing from Masumi's room, Yuuki runs away, and Gai finds him.

In the fourth chapter, Masumi reveals to Yuuki that Gai, unbeknownst to him, is not related to them, because he is the product of his mother's infidelity to their father.

In the fifth chapter, Yuuki moves out of the house and takes up a part-time job. Yuuki gets tempted to forget about Gai with a customer. Gai comes to fetch Yuuki at his apartment, Yuuki tells Gai that his confession was but a joke, and Gai tells Yuuki he broke it off with his girlfriend.

The last chapter is from Masumi's point of view and makes you want to see his story. Kouko Agawa is a solid mangaka, but this manga is not indicative of her work.

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Viva La Evolucion ;)

Posted by jiimionad @ 08/14/2008 08:45 AM PST

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