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08/11/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: Wild Butterfly"

Wild Butterfly
Story and Art: Hiroki Kusumoto
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-562-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-562-9

Review by Kris

Wild Butterfly by Hiroki Kusumoto is a series of one-shots.

This volume contains stories about all kinds of different things. We have the tale of a teacher who tries to liberate the minds of his students by teaching things against government norms. There is a story of a Demon Oracle who attacks humans who are close to dying. Another tale is of a guy who seems to travel back in time to meet a man in exile. One story is about a vampire and his lover who doesnít believe him (the vampire). The final tale is about a protector of the dead and his heroic deed.

This work is published by Juné but there was only one story in it that was a boys love story. That story was ďFangs,Ē the tale of the vampire and his lover. The rest of the stories all starred men, but I didnít catch any BL vibes. Itís entirely possible that there were those vibes but because Iíve been reading a lot of yaoi lately that Iíve been desensitized to the subtle stuff. Who knows? Initially my interest was piqued based on the blurb Juné had on their website. So when I saw it in the envelope of my review materials, I was excited. Now that Iíve read it, what can I say? The only things going for it are the dust jacket, the larger trim size and the full color first page of the story. All of the stories were such downers (with the exception of the last story). I donít mind a serious story every once in a while but this was just too much for me. Plus Iím kind of worn out on one-shots so I would like to read something that is the same story all the way through. The art isnít too bad but it wasnít anything outstanding. Itís rated YA which means itís geared towards audiences 16 and above. Am I glad I read it? WellÖ it wasnít bad but I probably wouldnít have bought it with my own cash. Be sure to thumb through it before you buy to make sure itís something youíll enjoy.

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