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08/12/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Oh My God! vol 1"

Oh My God! Volume 1
Story and art by Natsuho Shino
Published by Deux Press
ISBN-10:  1934496243
ISBN-13:  9781934496244

Review by Jilly Gee

Descended from a long line of sorcerers, Yuto Hikami believes that his family has long since lost their power.  No one outside of the family knows that, however, so his grandfather is keeping the famly fairly well-to-do by defrauding people with fake charms, fortunetellings, and the like.  While searching for more things with which to help his gandfather keep up the charade (not that he wants to), he touches a sealed sword, releasing a god that was inside.  Or at least, he thinks he's a god; he's not at all god-like, with an appearance and attitude more befitting a pet than someone with divine power.  Because of his amnesia, Yuto gives him the name of Jade, for the stunning green of his eyes.  This name also seems to hold some sort of power over Jade, as uttering it will freeze the amnesiac god in his tracks, though Yuto remains unaware of this fact.

Jade acts very dog-like, waiting forlornly for his friend (more like master) to come home from school; he is even caricatured with puppy ears and a tail every now and then.  Although he is (supposedly) a god, he is ordered around by Yuto's grandfather, performing a variety of household chores.  As hilarious as this is, there is more to the story than Jade attempting to adjust to regular human life.  Yuto seems to possess strong powers of his own, having been the one to release Jade's seal in the first place.  Other magical and supernatural creatures start to trickle into the story, most likely drawn to Yuto, though Yuto himself is totally ignorant of his powers.

Being just the fist volume, it doesn't do much beyond give the sublest of hints to establish the shounen-ai-ness of Yuto and Jade's relationship.  Whatever physical contact they have is usually the result of the would-be god risking his well-being to save Yuto from various dangers.  Though there is a lot of blushing during these moments, the lovey-dovey scene is ruined once he realizes that Jade has actually done something quite stupid in addition to whatever spectacular thing that just happened.  Their romance may be a slow-paced one, but it's a cute one.

This story is made up of comedy, fluff, and cuteness, with little regard to deep emotions.  Anyone who absolutely must have angst and explicit scenes will be sorely disappointed, but everyone else can drown themselves in the sugary sweetness of the budding romance and laugh off a few pounds at the nearly non-stop humor.

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