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08/14/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Mister Mistress, vol. 1"

Mister Mistress, Volume 1
Story and art by Natsuho Shino
Published by Deux Press
ISBN-10:  1934496294
ISBN-13:  9781934496299

Review by Jilly Gee

Being the only male teenager in the house, Fujimaru Senda is the only one with feelings lusty and horny enough to reawaken the incubus that lives there.  Fujimaru, of course, is far from happy about about having the demonic Rei interfering in his dreams, and later even his reality, to kiss and feel him up wherever he pleases.  Or at least, he thinks he's far from happy; what seemed to make him even less happy than having his sexual fantasies intruded on by a male was discovering that Rei had been feeling up all the other boys in the school despite having told Fujimaru that he was the only one who could satisfy him.  Mister Mistress is a classic case of uke-in-denial, surrounded by a not-so-classic case of a stalker incubus who can only feed off the sexual energy of males.

Those looking for a more grounded story probably tuned out as soon they heard about the incubus that lives off the lust of males.  Just in case, though, I should warn any of those people still reading that the blend of magic and Fujimaru's melodramatic reactions make for some ridiculous, yet extremely funny, situations.  Ridiculous by comparison to something with more of a slice of life flavor, that is; not ridiculous within the context of this story.  No, in the world of this graphic novel, it makes perfect sense that Rei would take control of bath bubbles to crawl around the teen's body in tantalizing ways or give a more tangible (to Fujimaru) form of the tentacle monster from Fujimaru's succubus doujinshi.

As fun as it is to torture Fujimaru, there is more to the story than just Rei having his way with him and Fujimaru complaining about it.  There are only some minor hints here and there, but it seems Rei may just have a secret that limits him to only gaining energy from males.  Not much focus is given to those hints, disappointing those looking for a more involved storyline.  Mister Mistress has enough humour and explicitness for readers just looking to be entertained, but readers looking for deep and relationships, thoughts, or emotions with which to feel characters' pain and happiness through, aren't going to find it in this book.

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