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08/31/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: Author's Pet"

Author's Pet
Story and Art by Deathco Cotorino
Published by Juné, imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1569705887
ISBN-13: 978-1569705889

Review by Linda Yau

Author's Pet is the title story of Juné September offering of published boy love. There are six short stories in total.

Author's Pet is about high school student Yuta, who bumps and severely cripples Tsubaki, a well known writer - he broke all four limbs). In exchange for injuring Tsubaki, Yuta has to work for Tsubaki as a slave. As a scribe though, for Tsubaki's next story - there is some trouble. Yuta couldn’t help, but feel hot as he listens to the vivid erotic words that the author utters.

To Keep A Cat is the next story about Naruse a veterinarian student who picks up an injured Mitsuki from the streets. After hearing an ultimatum from Naruse to leave when he gets well, Mitsuki wanting to stay with Naruse, pretends to be a cat.

The Helplessly Romantic Type is the third story about Saki who is in love with Sasaragawa. A major issue for this couple is Sasaragawa's hero complex of Saki's father.

Love Battle In The Dorms is about Mukai moving into the same dorm that Kikuchi and Oohashi lives. Who gets to have Kikuchi?

Open 24 Hours is a story of where Sakamoto sees Shirokawa purchasing nothing, but sweets to eat on a daily basis. Sakamoto gets to the point where he couldn't handle this strange man's eating habits and strives to change Shirokawa's eating habits.

What Should I Do? is the last of Cotorino’s stories where Kawatani gets molested by Sanai on a daily basis, what is he to do?

Toward the end of the book, readers like myself was treated to extra chapters of Author's Pet and To Keep A Cat. With the exception of What Should I Do? and Love Battle In The Dorms, I found no fault with the book, other than previous criticisms I may have made with Juné book. My beef with the two mentioned story, is that they were either too short or a confused sense of wondering what is the point of the story. There are many sweet moments in this book, and I liked the story concept of Open 24 Hours the most, since it is not every day I read of a clerk and a stranger falling in love.

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