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09/20/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: I Shall Never Return vol. 4"

I Shall Never Return vol. 4
Story and Art: Kazuna Uchida
Published by the Deux Press Imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1934496340
ISBN-13: 978-1934496343

Review by Kris

I don't really want to bore you with recapping the previous volumes, so click on the following links to read my previous reviews: volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3. Shall we jump on in to the synopsis and review?

Ken wants to become a better man for Ritsuro. The opportunity to travel to India with his stepfather J is the perfect chance. Ritsuro doesnít seem to see it that way. He figures that Ken is happy with his new family and no longer needs him. To cope with the pain, Ritsuro finds solace in Kazuyoshiís arms. Kazuyoshi tells Ritsuro that he loves him over and over, but Ritsuroís emotions arenít as clear.

Ken is leaving for India sooner rather than later and will be spending a few days with his mom and J in Singapore. Because of this, he hasnít been able to spend time with Ritsuro (which there wouldnít be much time anyway, Ritsuroís been kicking it in the sack with Kazuyoshi). While at the train station Ken runs into Moeko. At first sheís super rude, but after listening to Kenís plans to better himself for Ritsuro, Moeko finally comes around. When she finds out about Ritsuro and Kazuyoshiís torrid affair, she blows her stack and tells Ritsuro that Ken is too good for him. That takes Ritsuro aback, and he becomes confused once again. He loves Ken, but he cares for Kazuyoshi as well. But Ken is leaving him and Kazuyoshi isnít going anywhere. How will he deal with all this confusion? Will he dump Ken and stay with Kazuyoshi?

I think that December is too far away. That is when I Shall Never Return vol. 5 hits bookstore shelves. This has become a very addicting series. Not only is it very well written, but also the art has improved with each passing volume. I find the characters are so interesting and they have so much depth. That is the nice thing about longer series, you can fully develop the characters. You feel like you are experiencing these things along with them. When I first read the volume, I cried my eyes out. I know thatís pathetic, but you come to care for the characters. I would say the characters that impressed me the most this time around would be both Ritsuro and Moeko. Moeko isnít the typical yaoi female character. At first I didnít know what I thought of her, but she does play a pivotal role. In the world of yaoi women are usually cast as the villain. Moeko isnít a villain and she seems to be the conscience of the story. Ritsuro impressed me because heís learning to stand on his own two feet. The volume ends on quite the cliffhanger, so even though December isnít really all that far away, itís still too far away for me!

Deux Press never ceases to amaze me. They have made a very wise choice in licensing this series. Who cares that itís from the early to mid-nineties! Good stories span the ages and I feel that I Shall Never Return is timeless. Thank you Deux Press for bringing this beautiful and touching series here to our shores!

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