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09/28/2008 Archived Entry: "Event report: West Hollywood Book Fair 2008"

West Hollywood Book Fair 2008

An express report by Ginger Mayerson

So, I went to the West Hollywood Book Fair today.

It's quite a schlep from Lincoln Heights, but no schlep is too large to stop J LHLS from bringing our readers the latest in cultural news.

I don't have a big picture picture of the big picture, but here's a panel I made it to in the Queer and Quirky or Quirky and Queer Pavilion. That's Brad Rader in the center and Luis Reyes on the right.

Here's Brad at his booth

He was tabling with Mike Wellman

In 2004 Brad and Mike and Jonathan Dysart published, Tex! one of the best political comics ever.

This is Keith Knight, Gentleman Cartoonist (that's what it says on his name badge, really)

We interviewed Keith at J LHLS in 2004.

I got to meet the Baby Tattoo people. They have the coolest books ever there.

I got to meet these guys at The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.

I even bought some BŁks. I got "My Life with Dick," "The Ethics of Living Jim Crow," and the "S.C.U.M. Manifesto" for a buck each. That was a 49 cent saving over the usual price!

Said hi to the Giant Robot people

Some guy at Sisters in Crime (sorry I didn't get your name, if this is you, drop a note in the comments, please)

This woman was doing astonishing things with a pumpkin

This pillow was in the next booth, I liked it.

And on my way out, this being West Hollywood, there was this.

Very useful, this voter registration. Don't forget to get registered and vote and then Just Vote!

There are more West Hollywood Book Fair photos here. Please leave comments if any of them are you. I'm so bad at taking notes, sorry.

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