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10/09/2008 Archived Entry: "Comic Review: Street Fighter #10"

Street Fighter #10
Story by Ken Siu-Chong
Cover Art by Jo Chen
Published by Udon Comics

Review by I-hsiu Lin

I have never followed the story for Street Fighter, but reading from issue 10 was not a problem. Action based comics has a more linear plotline and after figuring out (quite easily) who the 'good guys' and 'bad guys' are, being thrown into the middle of the action presented no hindrance in knowing what was going on.

Agent Chun-Li and Fei Long tries to locate the crime syndicate of Shadaloo in Hong Kong. We learn that Shadaloo was involved with the death of Chun-Li's father and she seeks the aid of her old martial arts teache, Master Gen. However, revenge is not the only motive for the female agent in searching for the ninja clad terrorist group. They have bigger plans that are certain to be a menace to society and the world. Of course, Chun-Li and company will be stopping them.

In another part of Asia, we find Sakura and Ryu facing a minor dilemma, but a dilemma nonetheless. Ken has a few happy surprises (which I won't spoil) but there is of course an enemy lurking nearby. For the time being, this part of the story is more light hearted then the ensuing issues Chun-Li is encountering. However, being a Street Fighter comic, those two different plotlines will certainly tie together in the future.

The scenes are packed with fight sequences as can be expected from a Street Fighter comic. Author, Ken Siu-Chong sets a pace that keeps the plot moving, but is not too overwhelming since this is a one-issue story. The artwork is crisp and the colors are vivid. Udon Comics excel in the mixture of artists that contribute to the story. My favorite scene is the two page spread of Chun-Li , Fei Long and Master Gen fight in the midst against Shadaloo agents. There are very few words, but there is movement on the page that shows the intensity of the battle. My other favorite piece of artwork is the cover. Labeled, 'Special Power Foil Cover', the entire cover is shiny with Fei Long giving a fiery high kick towards the readers.

Actually knowing the characters of Street Fighter via the comics, games and other mediums does help in understanding their motives and reactions. Each has an extensive history that is only made even clearer by combining what we know from the various franchises. However, as mentioned in the beginning, understanding the characters completely is not really needed for getting into the story.

Even though this story is created in the US via Udon Comics, die-hard fans must note that Capcom, creators of Street Fighter has stated that these comics are part of the canon. Canon meaning that although there may be several diverging storylines, it contributes and follows what Capcom has already established.

There is a back-story of Chun-Li at the end. Guest artist, Andy Seto presents a cute younger Chun-Li as she speaks of her aspirations and dreams. That if anything else is more then enough reason to read this issue.

My next review, Street Fighter issue 12 covers a bit more on this special series by Udon Comics.

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