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10/09/2008 Archived Entry: "Comic Review: Street Fighter #12"

Street Fighter #12
Story by Ken Siu-Chong
Cover Art by Jo Chen
Published by Udon Comics

Review by I-hsiu Lin

This review is a slight continuation of my previous review, Street Fighter issue 10. As mentioned before, even though I didnī't read the previous issues and am missing issue 11, the plot is easy to pick up even from here.

In issue 10, there are references to Cammy and the anti-terrorist unit, Delta Red stationed in Brazil. Issue 12 focuses on their mission there: to stop the crime syndicate, Shadaloo. Although Cammy suffers from amnesia and has a questionable past (that may have to do with their enemy target,) it does not present an issue with her teammates and commander. Their trust in her is quickly established in first few panels of the comic. This is important since the action then opens with Cammy being abducted and faint bits of her memory returns.

Being part of Shadaloo, codename Killer Bee is only the tip of her past. Cammy doesn't allow that realization to faze her as Delta Red, Chun-Li and crew quickly descends upon the hideout and lab. Another awesome fight scene ensues with Chun-Li and Cammy fighting back to back. The ending quickly occurs with the sudden appearance of a large green being with orange hair and Blanka is introduced to the readers. His connection with Cammy is clear as he stops short of her but that is all we know so far.

Much of the drive of this part of the story comes from Cammy's perseverance and strength of will. Though she doubts herself, it does not hinder her actions during the mission. After being rescued, she immediately jumps into the fray. Her actions push the story forward quickly and there is never a boring moment. Like in the previous issue I reviewed, the action sequences and art are dramatic with another wide shot (though only one page this time in comparison to the previous two page spread) of the fight between Shadaloo and Chun-Li's team.

The back story at the end is about Cammy's first mission with Delta Red. Although she is asleep, her teammates discuss the concept of remembering with the body even if the mind doesn't remember.

Along with the main story (and back story,) there is a mini comic called 'Cheap Shots!' with two characters having been sucked into the Street Fighter world and am trying to get back to their own world. Apparently, they look like Ken and Ryu and many strange characters they meet seem to think so. It's a humorous short with a storyline that continues with each issue.

I didn't really mention in my previous review, but these issues are in full color. Also, Udon Comics published three different covers for each issue. The 'Special Power Foil Cover' features a single main character like a giant trading card. Issue 12 boasts the beautiful form of Rose with her yellow scarf framing the scene and a tarot card levitating in her hand. The artist is the famed, Jo Chen who does many of the covers.

Another well paced story with fantastic artwork. For those that are collecting Street Fighter art, these special issues are perfect for the collection...along with the two other covers per issue.

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