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10/19/2008 Archived Entry: "Yaoi Review: Future Lovers"

Future Lovers
Story and Art: Saika Kunieda
Published by the Deux Press Imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1934496359
ISBN-13: 978-1934496350

Review by Linda Yau

Kento Kumagya is an ordinary high school science teacher whose life's dream is to have a wife and children; however mentioning this to his girlfriend with descriptions of likening her to a housekeeper and child-bearing machine, Kento finds himself dumped. He then finds himself picked up by a stranger at the bar. Drinking into a drunken stupor, this leads to a night of passionate sex. The next day of going to work, Kento realizes that his lover was the school's new art teacher: Akira Kazuki. After the welcome party that night for Akira, Kento once again has drunken sex with Akira.

Kento tries to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, but realizes that he wants to stay with Akira for the rest of his life, where he could say on his death bed,"My life was happy because I met you." This leads him into getting involved with a car accident, but happily and unexpectedly Akira accepts him and they start to date.

In the second chapter of their story, the time is fast forwarded to a year after Akira and Kento starts to date. There is now the challenge of Kento's grandparents not approving of their relationship, a student crushing on Kento, and from the doubts of Akira for how long this relationship can last.

The third chapter of this book is another story ("Winter Rabbit") of Shu and Minoru. Minoru is taken in by Shu's family and Shu found himself having more than cousin/brotherly feelings for Minoru. He leaves for college, and with the request of his mother to come home, finds out that Shu is more different than he thought possible.

It would be a bold statement to say this, but of all the Deux Press bl-releases so far, Future Lovers is the one I like the most, as a main story. The story was really sweet, and funny like how the class rep acted toward Akira at the end. Also I was chuckling when I realized the pun of Kento's last name, which has the word kuma in it. Kuma in Japanese is for bear, so I was thinking of Suzuki-san from Junjou Romantic, another BL title, and J-pop singer Utada Hikaru's children song: "I'm a Bear."

Winter Rabbit on the other hand, didn't really impress me as much, but for all the good stories that are out there, and for the varied readership, this story with its serious topic can mean something to certain readers.

There was also an after word by the author, which had me wondering what the Japanese drama, Stairway to Heaven would look like. Because at times when I don't have to deal with real life, and other hobbies, I do enjoy watching Japanese dramas as well, and this was the first time I actually realized that mangaka's would mention a specific Japanese topic, and that struck a chord with me, since I do know who Masaya Kato is.

Kris has written an earlier review for this book, so be sure to check that out.

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