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10/25/2008 Archived Entry: "Book Review: Manly"

By Dale Lazarov
Art by Amy Colburn
Published by Bruno Gmunder
ISBN10: 3861878879
ISBN13: 9783861878872

Review by Linda Yau

I read Ginger's interview, my thoughts were somewhat consumed with wanting to get this book. So I went and ordered the book. It came several days ago, and I spent several days now just looking through the book, once. twice, and then again. The book was as good as the interview promised it to be. Now Ginger didn't ask me to do this review - but I feel compelled to share my feelings on this book. As a big warning, this book is definitely not for children at all. The book is very targeted to a niche in the publishing market.

Several impressions up front now. One: this book is a hardcover book, two: there are no written dialogue—this book in that aspect reminded me of The Arrival by Shaun Tan, and three: there are lots of money shots. Money shots meaning come shots, where both male characters ejaculate. That is a term I learned from reading Ron Jeremy's The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz. Four, this book is physically detailed, and with hairy body defined characters.

Manly is separated into three stories: Busted, Clinch, and Hot Librarian. Every story begins with the premise of the couple meeting, and then the story is dominated by the sex. He does him, and he does him. Short and simple. I have always been trying to find a medium such as this book, so now I've found something like it. Jackpot. Below is an explanation as to why I like to read this type of book.

Mainly because I imagine this is a good Western representation of muscle yaoi. For more explaination as to what muscle yaoi is, or by its unofficial name - Bara genere, take a look here and here. Many of my friends, such as Jilly Gee, and I-hsiu Lin would go for the sweet bishonen look of the men, but I find myself looking at the muscle yaoi.. with manly looking men just doing it. Not as kinky as BDSM, but definitely an attraction for a smaller crowd. People like construction workers, or yakuza fit the bill. I had even asked Frank Pannone of Media Blasters at NYAF, if there was a possible market in the U.S. for this genre, other than the gay market that this book might be targeting for. Sadly, the answer is no.

My favorite story out of the entire book, is Busted, is the story of a farmer helping out a police officer. Of course there is handcuffs in play at this story. The most confusing one of the three, was Hot Librarian. There is a video review from Gay Comic Geek

Definitely would look forward to more publications such as this, so two thumbs up from me!

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