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11/02/2008 Entry: "Yaoi Novel Review: S vol. 3: Split"

S vol. 3: Split
Story by: Saki Aida
Illustrated by: Chiharu Nara
Published by June
ISBN-10: 1-56970-708-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-708-1
Review by Kris
This is one yaoi novel series that has completely captivated me and leaves me wanting and waiting desperately for the next installment in the series. If you are interested in my reviews for S vol. 1 and S vol. 2: A Love Bite, feel free to click on the links.

Masaki Shiiba is a member of the elite COC5 group in the police force. His group is responsible for finding illegal firearms. Because they sometimes work outside the law, they have to create trusting networks of informants or "S" (you know, spy) to gather information from. One of Shiiba's informants is a yakuza by the name of Keigo Munechika. Since Munechika is not hurting for money the way Shiiba gets his info from Munechika is by using his body. But it seems as though Shiiba's feelings for Munechika are much deeper than detective and S. He's fallen, and fallen hard, for Munechika.

Several years ago Shiiba's sister Yukari was killed by a stray bullet from a firefight between two opposing yakuza factions. The police hurried through the case and Shiiba doesn't believe the story that they've fed him. Because of that life changing event Shiiba became an undercover cop. There seems to be new information regarding Yukari's case that Shiiba's reporter friend dug up. Not only that, more and more guns are being sold to people responding to a spam email. A man named Kuro has stepped up and offers up some information regarding guns.

There's also a new yakuza boss on the scene by the name of Godou. Godou has got money up the wazoo and police, politicians, and terrorists under his thumb. He's determined to make his yakuza faction the strongest in Japan. He's also set his sights on Munechika and Shiiba.

This is one of the most intense series that I have ever read. I have never been into the crime/mystery type books, but dang, throw in yakuza, hot sweaty male sex, and of course have it set in Tokyo, then you've got a chance of me showing interest. Honestly, I wasn't going to read this series but then I got the review copies of the first two books. Just call me trout, I'm hooked (sorry, that was REALLY dumb). The story is so addictive. This book has just heaped on the intensity and now I have to wait even longer for the next and final book. Saki Aida-sensei has created such an interesting world with S that you can't help but be drawn in. Add in Chiharu Nara-sensei's art and you have an amazing piece of work. I did catch one spelling error, but because the story is so engaging I was able to overlook it. Bravo Juné for licensing this title.

This book can be as a stand-alone title, background story is provided throughout. But to get the whole amazing story, you have to read all of them. Trust me, you won't be missing out. This is an outstanding piece of work and you don't want to miss it.

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