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11/07/2008 Entry: "Yaoi review: Millennium Darling 2006"

Millennium Darling 2006
Story and art by Maki Naruto
Published by Juné, imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10:  1569700311
ISBN-13:  9781569700310

Review by Jilly Gee

The sequel to the seven-volume Millennium Darling series (probably more recognizable as Seikimatsu Darling and more so for its OVA), the many couples of Millennium Darling 2006 are already established and being put through ridiculously funny scenarios, some of which are implausible and meant only as jokes.  The title couple for this graphic novel, Sakamoto and Sentarou, are the ones given the most attention while all other couples have it short, sweet, and silly.  Although the title couple get more attention story-wise, they are not treated too differently, their stories also sweet and silly.

Selfish and childish Sakamoto gets a warning from out of the blue from his frenemy, Takasugi, that being selfish and childish will only drive Sentarou away.  Sakamoto decides that's absurd and goes to demand that Sentarou go out with him so they can buy a DVD recorder; Sentarou, however, already has plans for the day.  Unfathomable that he could possibly have other friends or associates than himself, Sakamoto follows him around, spazzing about the possibility that his lover could be cheating on him.  The next chapter has even more spazzing when Sakamoto's father shows up to tell him that he's just set up an arranged marriage for him.

After those initial chapters of Sentarou and Sakamoto goodness, there is a character flow chart showing the love, the hate, and the children.  Yes, children; all the adult couples of Millennium Darling 2006 inexplicably and suddenly have children of their own.  Ultra cute hilarity ensues.  Obviously meant to be taken even less seriously than the rest of the graphic novel, the children inexplicably and suddenly disappear once a more "normal" storyline starts up.

I was royally confused by all the couplings (there was even a set of what looks like identical twins); I mean, a flow chart featuring five or so couples who all have some kind of relationship (love, hate, familial) with everyone else on the chart can only help so much.  Still, I'm a big fan of ridiculously hilarious stuff like this and it's even better when there are guys hot for each other in it.  A comedy more than anything else, it's like a less extreme version of Gravitation (or any of Maki Murakami's works, for that matter).  They have their tiny, lovey dovey moments, but they're nothing compared to the hyperactive moments, character overreactions, and character underreactions.  Give up trying to understand it all and revel in its absurdity.

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