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J LHLS Archives: January 2005

Tuesday, January 4, 2005


Will Eisner, the great American master of comic art for whom the comic industry's Eisner Awards are named, died late Monday night, January 3, 2005, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He was 87. The cause of death was complications from quadruple heart bypass surgery. [more]

Posted by Editor @ 01:56 PM PST [Link]

Monday, January 3, 2005

Phoenix Vol. 2 Future
by Osamu Tezuka
Published by VIZ

Review by Tom Good

My last review was of an issue of Vagabond where most of the action took place during a single swordfight. In complete contrast to that, Phoenix Future spans many billions of years. Species and civilizations rise and fall over the course of the story, but throughout it all a mystical bird called the Phoenix appears as a guide for other beings.

The story begins, naturally, in a future world. Humanity lives underground and a few giant computers govern society. Class II Space Patrolman Yamanobe Masato finds himself in trouble because he is in love with a "Moopie" named Tamami. Moopies are alien creatures who can assume different shapes, and this one has the form of a lovely human girl. But Moopies are considered dangerous because they can stimulate human minds and cause them to enter a dreamlike state full of pleasant illusions. The government has banned moopies and ordered all of them killed, so before long, Masato and Tamami are on the run. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 09:07 PM PST [Link]

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Subway Series
By Leela Corman
Published by Alternative Comics
144 pages, $9.95
ISBN: 1891867148

Reviewed by Laurel Sutton

Just after I finished reading and enjoying this book, and while in the middle of a marathon telephone session with Dell, I knocked my coffee off my night table and spilled it all over the back cover. This isn't relevant to the review, but I thought I would mention it, as it's all I can think about when I look at the damn thing now. [more]

Posted by Laurel Sutton @ 09:42 PM PST [Link]

The Incredibles
Written and directed by Brad Bird
Released by Pixar

Reviewed by Laurel Sutton

Because I have a small child, I see a lot of animation, on TV and in the movies. But maybe that's just my rationalization; I grew up watching Warner Brothers cartoons religiously and as an adult (or maybe "adult") I went to the movies to see "Heavy Metal" and Spike and Mike festivals, etc. Having a kid just means I get to watch the same things 80 times instead of 8. For this reason alone I worship the House of Pixar, because I can still sit through "Toy Story" for the 81st time and enjoy it. The same cannot be said of, say, Disney's "The Fox and the Hound". [more]

Posted by Laurel Sutton @ 12:04 AM PST [Link]

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