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J LHLS Archives: March 2007

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hikaru Sasahara Interview

Hikaru Sasahara, the CEO of Digital Manga, Inc. sat down with me in their Gardena California Headquarters for this long and rollicking interview on February 8, 2007. You can download a 29-page pdf here (pdf link fixed Ap 30 GM)

Interview by Ginger Mayerson

Ginger Mayerson: I read in the Publishers Weekly interview [1], that you came here in 1973...

Hikaru Sasahara: Long time ago.

GM: ...when you were three years old-

HS: (laughs) I was already twenty-three years old back then. I'm an old guy now.

GM: Nah. I was thirteen. The old thing; it's interesting.

HS: I still like what I saw in America at that time: the hippies, the music. Everything was evolving and revolving back then. Now, everything is static. Doesn't seem to be moving fast enough for me. Kids are all doing the same things, same fashion, same thinking, same music. Everything is the same, even internationally, it's all merging. I don't see much cultural difference anymore.

GM: It's interesting because I didn't think it was a global thing, I thought it was just me personally and my age. But, the music; am I old? Or does it all sound the same?

HS: I don't think so. If you listen to the Sixties and Seventies music it was so different. It was much deeper in melody, more diverse, more variety.

GM: We're probably going to get in trouble for this part of the interview.

The interview continues here.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:34 AM PST [Link]

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