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J LHLS Archives: April 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Conversation #2
by Jeffrey Brown & James Kochalka
Top Shelf Productions

Review by Tom Good

I found myself comparing this comic to the movie The Five Obstructions. Both involve two artists coming together to confront the nature of their craft. In Conversation 2, Jeffrey Brown and James Kochalka discuss their reasons for drawing comics and their concepts about art. Their conversation evolves into a humorous brawl involving a mop used as a weapon. In The Five Obstructions, Danish director Lars von Trier challenges fellow director Jorgen Leth to remake one of Leth's earlier movies several times, under a variety of difficult and seemingly arbitrary conditions. I have enjoyed Brown and Kochalka's comics, whereas I had little prior interest in von Trier and Leth's work. In spite of that, I liked The Five Obstructions much better than Conversation 2, and I think it is because the comic asks the wrong questions. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 07:03 PM PST [Link]

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dr. Slump, Vol. 5
by Akira Toriyama

Review by Tom Good

After logging more than 50 hours in DragonQuest VIII, I've become more of a fan of Toriyama than before. His character designs for the game have lasting appeal, and combine cuteness with a quirkiness that makes them more than generic adventure game stereotypes. One of his simplest but most effective creations was the smiling slime monster in the DragonQuest series. In this manga, the inventor Dr. Slump and his robot-girl creation Arale live in Penguin Village and have a variety of silly, slapstick adventures involving vampires, aliens, assassins, animals, and of course wacky inventions. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 06:56 PM PST [Link]

Only the Ring Finger Knows novels and related news
Published by Digital Manga Publishing

Report by Ginger Mayerson

Sometimes you can get what you want and what you need.

In 2004 I read Digital Manga Publishing's "Only the Ring Finger Knows" and have never been the same. At the end of the manga, there was this note from the author of the novels, Satoru Kannagi:

"If there are those of you who are curious about these two and the progress of their relationship, please do checkout the novels as well."

Novels? Novel PLURAL? What NOVELS? From then on every review I read or conversation I had seemed to end with this thought:

"Gee, if only we could read those novels, we'd attain enlightenment and transform this mortal plane into a paradise." Or something like that. [more]

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 02:09 PM PST [Link]

I"s, Vol. 5
by Masakazu Katsura

Review by Tom Good

Poor Ichitaka has two beautiful girls in his life, the classic beauty Iori and the sexy artistic girl-next-door Itsuki, but he cannot make up his mind about how he feels about them. One day he walks arm in arm with Iori through some Torii gates at a shrine known for bringing happiness to couples. But later he rushes back to find Itsuki after hearing that her house burned down, and their encounter revives his interest in her. But by volume 5, Ichitaka's indecisiveness has started to get tiresome, and the series needs some new plot twist to keep things fresh. Though the first half of this book drags a bit, a promising new character and plot direction arrives near the end. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 12:50 PM PST [Link]

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