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J LHLS Archives: May 2005

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hollow Men
A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel
by Una McCormack
Published by Pocket Books

Review by Kathryn Ramage

Deep Space Nine was my favorite Trek series and, for a time, my favorite TV show. One of the things I loved most about it was its moral ambiguity -- what the show itself called "shades of gray." For a change, the Federation was not always right nor perfect. We frequently heard the points of view of people from other cultures -- the Bajorans, the Cardassians, Odo, Quark -- and at times they had very good points about the social blandness or underlying bigotries of the Federation world. The bad guys could sometimes be helpful, sympathetic, and even charming. Conversely, our Starfleet heroes sometimes committed highly questionable acts. [more]

Posted by Kathryn L Ramage @ 07:01 PM PST [Link]

Jing: King of Bandits #4
by Yuichi Kumakura
Published by TOKYOPOP

Review by Tom Good

Jing: King of Bandits is a fantasy story. Not fantasy as in "Elf vs. Orc medieval smack-down," but fantasy as in Alice in Wonderland or even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Its world contains buses shaped like crocodiles, trains pulled by giant dodo birds, an orb that can steal dreams, and a thief named Jing who wants that orb.

Jing, accompanied by a magical bird called Kir, is incarcerated in a prison called Seventh Heaven. He plans to steal the dream orb from another prisoner, but before he can finish the job, he discovers that he is actually in the "prison of dreams," where escape will be even more difficult, the geography resembles an Escher drawing, and most of the inhabitants are the stuff of nightmares. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 06:56 PM PST [Link]

Witchblade, #83
Written by Ron Marz
Published by Top Cow

Review by Kathy LaFollett

Editor note: This is not the cover for this comic because I coudn't find the cover for this comic.

Well I feel like a dweeb. I've never read WitchBlade before. I thought it was a television show. [more]

Posted by Kathy LaFollett @ 06:53 PM PST [Link]

Hunter/Killer Issue #1
Created by Marc Silvestri and Mark Waid
Published by Top Cow

Review by Kathy LaFollett

It's a GOOD thing I make some serious bank as a Graphic Artist. Top Cow is going to cost me a lot of change.

Hunter/Killer is an extravaganza of Best Practices in Comic Book creation.

We've got Ultra Sapiens crawling around planet earth, and of course we earthlings of normal report have NO clue they are here or there, or washing our car for that matter. What happens if these Ultra Sapiens go "rouge"? The Hunter/Killers step forward and clean house. [more]

Posted by Kathy LaFollett @ 06:48 PM PST [Link]

Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Trek -- Engine's of Destiny
By Gene DeWeese
Published by Pocket Books, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

*available as a downloadable eBook!

Review by Kathy LaFollett

Montgomery Scott has decided to leave Starfleet after the death of James T. Kirk. A chance encounter with a mysterious woman named Guinan leads him to hitch a ride on the U.S.S Jenolen -- which crashes into a Dyson Sphere, leaving only Scotty to survive suspended as a transporter pattern.

After seventy-five years as a transporter pattern, Scotty is revived aboard the Enterprise-D -- on which Guinan serves as a bartender. Fate has not finished with either Scotty or Guinan. The engineer hatches an audacious plan to travel back in time and rescue Jim Kirk the moment before he would vanish into the nexus and bring him back to the twenty-fourth century without damaging the timeline. [more]

Posted by Kathy LaFollett @ 07:47 PM PST [Link]

Kiss and Tell Issues 6 and 7
Created and Written by Jeff Amano
Pencils and Inks by Craig Rousseau
Colors by Giulia Brusco
Letters by Omar Mediano
Published by Beckett Comics

Review by Kathy LaFollett

The author of this review begs forgiveness for not making the time to buy and read issues 1-5. It's just a damn shame. A Big shoutout to Craig, Guilia, and Omar for extreme comic art. I do enjoy your work. [more]

Posted by Kathy LaFollett @ 07:12 PM PST [Link]

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Beyond the Horizon
Gallery review by Lui Sanchez

The Avenue 50 Studio presents Claro Oscuro: Metaphors, an exhibition of painters Raoul De la Sota and Andres Montoya. At near opposite ends of the career spectrum, De la Sota is an established painter whose work is well documented in Los Angeles and Andres Montoya is an emerging L.A. artist.

De la Sota’s mountain series hangs on the west wall of the gallery. Mountain tops and ranges cascade along the wall. De la Sota reflects on the San Francisco Peaks, Mt. Hesperus, Popocateptl and others, as sacred ground from which he views the sky and the cosmos. The mountains serve as pedestals holding the universe above. [more]

Posted by Lui Sanchez @ 01:46 PM PST [Link]

Monday, May 16, 2005

Miniature Sulk
by Jeffrey Brown
Published by Top Shelf

Not many comics give me a feeling of nostalgia for childhood, but this one did. It reminded me of some of the odd pastimes of my younger years: twirling nunchaku, throwing snappers (those little twists of white paper that explode when they hit something), wrestling matches, and fantasizing about super-powers.

Jeffrey Brown's unpretentious, primitive black-and-white style works very well with material like this, and the small format book (6 1/4" x 4") easily fits into a pocket. Most of the segments are only one or two pages long, so it is great for a quick laugh when you only have a minute or two. Though Big Head was pretty funny, I think Miniature Sulk is my favorite Jeffrey Brown comic yet.

Posted by Tom Good @ 09:53 PM PST [Link]

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Initial D #11 DVD and Street Fury: Envy Edition DVD

These two DVDs are both aimed at car enthusiasts. Initial D is an anime about Japanese street racing culture. It is somewhat like The Fast And The Furious, with rival car clubs racing for glory at night on twisting Japanese mountain roads. In this episode, Kyle's turbocharged 4WD Mitsubishi Evo III takes on Tak Fujiwara's old-school 2WD Toyota AE 86. The Evo has the clear advantage in power, but the lightness and handling of the 86, combined with Tak's driving skills, may just keep him in the race. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 06:50 PM PST [Link]

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