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J LHLS Archives: May 2004

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Confusion
by Neal Stephenson

Reviewed by William Wentworth-Sheilds

The ConfusionBefore it is anything else, The Confusion is a very long book that happens to be the second of three equally long volumes. The first is titled Quicksilver and came out last year. The concluding volume, The System of the World is due later this summer. As such, it's a little heartbreaking to read, early in the book, one of characters say, "Now I will encompass the entirety of several years in one sentence." [more]

Posted by William Wentworth Sheilds @ 09:34 PM PST [Link]

Catalyst of Sorrows
by Margaret Wander Bonanno
352 pages, $6.99
Published by Star Trek Books (Simon & Schuster)

Reviewed by Laurel Sutton

Disclosure: I wanted to review this book because Uhura is on the cover.

Plot Summary: Thereís a lethal virus spreading through the galaxy and Our Guys have to stop it and figure out who let it loose. Uhura (Admiral Uhura, no less! Whee!), Crusher, McCoy, Sisko, Tuvok, Selar, and a Romulan girl named Zetha save the day, and not too many people die. Koval did it to start trouble with the Federation.

You know, I just canít keep up with the Star Trek universe. Oh, Iím pretty good with canon up to about the third season of Voyager (had to stop watching due to the Berman/Braga ickiness factor; ditto Enterprise), and Iíve read my fair share of Trek books, but man! There is too much product out there! And so it was that I found myself reading this book with the Star Trek Chronology by my side, having to look up Trek references. Ouch. That Romulan guy named Tal? Yeah, I know who he is. Selar? She was in like one TNG episode but I remember her. But throw in Luther Sloan and Tomed and Heisenberg (no, not that one) and Khitomer and Iím out of my depth.

Posted by Laurel Sutton @ 12:23 PM PST [Link]

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