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J LHLS Archives: May 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Castle Waiting
By Linda Medley
Published by Fantagraphics

Review by Lynn Loper

If they'd had fairy tales like Linda Medley's 'Castle Waiting' when I was little, I would have read fairy tales.

This is a charming book. The illustrations are detailed and full of character and personality, and the story segues gracefully from a slightly retold 'Sleeping Beauty' to her castle's next incarnations as a refuge and a very atypical convent. There's a green baby whose mother thinks casually that it has its father's looks, but thank heaven not his horns, laid in a cast-iron cradle, safe from his mother's villainous husband. The castle's seneschal has a beak. The knight-errant is Sir Destrier, and he's a horse -- a nice bipedal horse. There are good witches and evil witches, none so evil they don't have some redeeming qualities, good gremlins and bad ones, and the story winds up with an order of bearded-lady nuns. [more]

Posted by Lynn Loper @ 09:02 PM PST [Link]

Super F*ckers #2
by James Kochalka
Top Shelf Productions

Review by Tom Good

Super F*ckers uses some fun, vibrant colors. I wish I had more nice things to say about it, but the good news ends there, unless you count "mercifully short" in its list of positive qualities. The unappealing, immature super-heroes in this story shout profanities, make homophobic jokes, and generally act like jackasses. Beavis and Butt-head used this style of humor, and at least sometimes managed to be clever and funny. But this makes Beavis and Butt-head look like Shakespeare. If I were an unpublished comic artist with some good material, I might look at this in print and despair. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 07:45 PM PST [Link]

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Every Girl Is The End Of The World For Me
by Jeffrey Brown
Top Shelf Productions

Review by Tom Good

This comic is so openly autobiographical that in reviewing it, I feel like I am reviewing Jeffrey Brown's life. Here Brown portrays himself as a guy surrounded by women who are willing to hang out with him, but mainly as a way to pass the time while they wait for a more appealing man to come along. The main plot revolves around his attempts to get back together with an ex-girlfriend, with numerous detours into sub-plots about other women in his life. He always seems to have opportunities for happiness, but none of them pan out. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 06:20 PM PST [Link]

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mome, Vol. 2 (Fall 2005)
Edited by Gary Groth
Published by Fantagraphics

Review by Leigh Anne Wilson

The Fall 2005 issue of Mome, from Fantagraphics, is an anthology of comics from several contributors. Printed on high quality paper with a fancy glossy sheen, Mome comes across like a Virginia Quarterly Review or Ploughshares -- its serious presentation demands that the comic medium be considered with the same respect as any literary art form. On many levels, Mome succeeds admirably. It features a wide variety of artists with just as many separate styles and influences. Some take a traditional approach, like Jonathan Bennett's "Needles and Pins," and some dip into the experimental, like the minimalist "Event," Anders Nilsen's emotional tale told almost entirely by using different colored squares. While some of the comics in the anthology fall short of the high standards one would expect from a top literary journal, there are far more that are well-deserving of serious literary appreciation. [more]

Posted by Leigh Anne Wilson @ 07:57 PM PST [Link]

Monday, May 22, 2006

Cafe Kichijouji de, Vol. 1, 2, and 3
by Yuki Miyamoto and Kyoko Negishi
Digital Manga Publishing

Review by Tom Good

Based on a radio drama, Cafe Kichijouji de tells the story of five very different guys who work at a cafe. There are no female main characters, but that does not make this a yaoi or shonen-ai story. It is simply a comedy about a group of co-workers. The supervisor Taro Kurihara is a neat-freak who collects cleaning products as a hobby. The chef, Mr. Minagawa, carries voodoo dolls around, harnesses supernatural forces, and has a flair for unlikely dramatic entrances such as emerging from a cupboard. Maki the waiter is the ladies-man of the bunch, and the small, girlish-looking Jun Ichinomiya has an uncanny strength. Finally, the student Tokumi is chronically hungry and broke, and is easily bribed with food. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 09:22 PM PST [Link]

Fables of Transition in 3/7/11: A Lincoln Heights Tale
By José Cruz González

Essay by Roberto Cantú
California State University, Los Angeles

Cornerstone Theater Company ( recently produced a play in collaboration with three Lincoln Heights neighborhood schools. 3/7/11: A Lincoln Heights Tale, written by José Cruz González and directed by Laurie Woolery, was performed free of charge for the community on May 5 and 6 at Lincoln High School. The play involved students from Mr. Imanishi's 3rd grade class at Loreto Elementary School, Mr. Lieberman's 7th grade class at Nightingale Middle School, and Mrs. Collins' 11th grade class at Lincoln High School. [more]

Posted by Editor @ 09:43 AM PST [Link]

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