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J LHLS Archives: July 2004

Saturday, July 3, 2004

Me and Edith Head
By Sara Ryan and Steve Lieber
16 pages, $2.00 (you can pay by Paypal!)
Reviewed by Laurel Sutton

If you go to the website for this little book you will see all sorts of rave reviews. What else can I add to that? I agree wholeheartedly. The story, about a positive change of direction in a young woman's life, is beautifully and succinctly told, with pain leavened by humor, and more than one lesson learned. The art is comic-booky but not unrealistic, with a lot of details that add texture. Wouldn't it be great if life was really like this – that in your adolescent years someone reassured you it would get better, and that you, yes you, could make it better? Maybe this story will inspire us all to reassure someone, and give them hope beyond high school.

Posted by Laurel Sutton @ 10:15 PM PST [Link]

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds VII

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith
Published by Pocket Books
304 pages; $14.95
ISBN: 074348780X

Reviewed by Laurel Sutton

Summary: Fanfic becomes profic. Again.

Review: What's the difference between fanfic and profic, anyway? Is it just that you get paid for one and not the other? It can't be the quality of the writing; I've read lots of horrible profic and lots of incredible fanfic. It must be the blessing of John Ordover, who has long been in charge of the SNW collections: he raiseth his hand and behold! Fanfic is transubstantiated into profic! And Paramount owns the rights to it, throughout the universe and in perpetuity! [more]

Posted by Laurel Sutton @ 09:57 PM PST [Link]

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Searcher and the Sword
By: Wendy and Richard Pini
Published by: DC Comics
Visit: and
ISBN: 1401201830

Reviewed by Kathy LaFollett

Whimsy is the word that came to mind when I thought of ElfQuest. The art, words, storylines and characters wove a tapestry of lighthearted yet painfully sincere emotional interplay.

And so, years have passed with no new visions from Wendy and Richard, until now.

July 7 will usher in a bright, colorful and ever promising reintroduction to Wendy’s personal Epoch, ElfQuest. WARP (Wendy and Richard Pini Graphics) haven’t lost their touch with this series and these lovely characters. [more]

Posted by Kathy LaFollett @ 02:53 PM PST [Link]

Star Trek – Book 3: A Time to Sow
By: Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
Published by: Pocket Books (a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.)

*available as a downloadable eBook!

Reviewed by Kathy LaFollett

With the Federation Politicos still wincing, the Ontailians still having their undies in a bind, and the echo of the Rashanar incident ringing in everyone’s ears we find The Enterprise, again Captained by our daring Jean-Luc Picard, heading toward an unknown and unvisited corner of space (which by definition is what Starfleet is all about). [more]

Posted by Kathy LaFollett @ 01:04 PM PST [Link]

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bukowski: Born into This
Directed by John Dullaghan.

Reviewed by Russell Smith

I recommend this movie. If for nothing else, it's camp value. The best parts of the movie show clips of the man, reading poetry and ripping a heckler a new one, guzzling hooch in grainy, nostalgic footage. This was at the beginning of the movie. It slowly descends into a crypt of schmalz that would make Bukowski, if he were alive, puke up a half gallon of bourbon in disgust. But let's get back to the good parts.

Did you know that Bukowski was married to a woman with no neck who he met in a lonely hearts ad? They wrote back and forth for a while and then they decided to get married, sight unseen. Granted, Bukowski was no Adonis, but the still photo of this unfortunate woman arm and arm with the Buk was worth the price of admission. It appears he sponged off her income and tormented her for two years before she threw in the towel and fled back to Ohio. [more]

Posted by Russell Smith @ 10:25 PM PST [Link]

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power
George Soros
Public Affairs Books

Reviewed by Daniel Drennan

There is something gratifying in the arrival of this book from George Soros, who has made no bones about his desire to see George W. Bush out of office. Along with any number of other books that are currently targeting the Bush administration and its policies in Iraq, Soros's book tries to put into perspective the players, events, and the stage of our current foreign policy, comparing the crisis of our foreign policy to a stock market bubble, which, when its reality surpasses the ability of people to believe otherwise, causes it to burst. Coming from a market capitalist, his words carry a certain weight, and are not as easily dismissed as those from the Left. This, however, is also a weakness of the book, in the sense that if you disagree with the idea that the free market is a workable idea, then you are going to have problems with some of Soros's solutions. Likewise, in encapsulating certain topics in order to prove points, Soros leaves much out. Granted, a lot of the topics are extremely complicated, but at certain points while reading the book I felt as if there should have been a note added: "Read Paul Krugman's The Return of Depression Economics; "Read Alain Ménargues's Les secrets de la guerre du Liban ; this book by Edward Said; this book by Noam Chomsky; etc. That said, The Bubble of American Supremacy spells out Soros's basic tenets: George Bush is a danger to "open" societies and must be put out of office, and Bush is a theocrat who was waiting for an event of major proportions to put into play his Party's platform--that has its origins in Ronald Reagan and before him, Barry Goldwater--of American supremacy. Whether you agree with his market-based methods is another point; but the very fact that he has been targeted (and I mean targeted) by the Right in this country points up how much he is seen as dangerous, and therefore needs to be listened to. [more]

Posted by Daniel Drennan @ 07:17 PM PST [Link]

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